Latex Mattress

I just purchased a latex mattress and also ordered boxes from the manufacturer… this was a good idea, right? Manufacturers will give me what is recomended for their mattress, right?!?

Hi buxterbabe,

Unfortunately your question is far to broad for me to give any meaningful reply. I would need much more specific information about both the manufacturer and the mattress (and how well it may match your needs and preferences) to have any opinions on either what you purchased, its suitability for your body type or sleeping positions, or who you purchased it from.


Hi Phoenix,

I bought the latex mattress from Brooklyn Bedding per your site’s recommendation. I purchased a 6 (firmness) and bought boxes from them as well. I’m still weary about purchasing a mattress online but I’ve read good reviews about this company & their product.

Hi buxterbae,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have a chance to let us know your feedback once you’ve slept on it,


Make sure that you have a good frame with center supports. Often people have problems because the do not have a good bed or frame that will support a heavy mattress. Costco and Sam’s has a great frame for less than $50. (One size fits all).

I don’t want to hijack a topic, but my question is relevant. I have ordered and am waiting on a PLB Pamper. Box spring also comes with. Right now I have a “regular” spring mattress and box spring and the “typical” metal frame. How do I know if this frame is sufficient for the significantly heavier PLB Pamper? Would I need to get a new frame or reinforce the one I have?

Hi hickoryboy,

A latex mattress usually does best on a rigid non flexing slatted foundation (with gaps between the slats of 3" or less). If you are talking about a boxspring with flex in it (not a rigid foundation) then it can be used although it would change the feel of the mattress and isn’t “ideal” or part of its design.

If your frame meets the requirements of the PLB warranty which says that it has to have at least 5 legs and rigid center support (at least one leg should be supporting the center support to the floor if you have a queen size or bigger) … then it will likely be fine (as long as it isn’t bent or damaged).