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My wife and I retired six years ago and purchased a Sealy posturepedic pillowtop king mattress for over $2500. At first it seemed fairly comfortable but after a couple of years it started sagging dramatically on each side where we sleep. I also have a bad lower back and the discs of the bottom two vertibra are almost completely degenerated. If I sleep on my back it’s not too bad but if I sleep on my side the next day the pain is awful. My wife suggested we purchase a tempurpedic memory foam mattress. I began doing some research and came to the conclusion that a latex mattress would be the way to go. Does anyone know of a good place to buy a latex mattress near the Las Vegas area.

 Thanks Stan

Hi Stan,

In terms of latex options Las Vegas seems to be “in the desert”. There are unfortunately no factory direct manufacturers in the area so I took a look at retail outlets in LV and there are only two in the area that I am aware of that carries latex mattresses. They carry Natura which has a range of latex mattresses and hybrids and also Savvy Rest which is a choose your own layering latex mattress. While both of these are a higher price than most other latex options … they (especially the savvy rest) would make a good testing ground for various latex layerings as a possible prototype for an online purchase. They are in the process of changing models but they do have several Englander mattresses which include Dunlop latex. They are being discounted as floor models but if you go here it would be important to make sure you look at a spec sheet for any of these to make sure how much and where any polyfoam is in these mattresses since the odds are good that they will have more than an inch of polyfoam over the latex.

There are a few others which carry a few “part latex” mattresses but none with particulary good quality or value and they would not be good places to test latex much less buy it.

While the choices in your area are slim … at least you do have a place where you can test to see the type of latex layering works well for you. Once you know the type of mattress that would work for you, then you can decide if the value here is worth making a purchase or if buying a very similar mattress with similar layering at one of the online manufacturers of the site would be worth the significantly lower prices.



Thank you for your response. Ergo Bedroom was participating in the Las Vegas Market Week and won’t be open to the public until February 6th. I never thought about buying a mattress over the internet, but did some checking and found a latex manufacturing company in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s only a four hour drive from Las Vegas, a reasonable distance if I personally wanted to check out the mattress before I bought it ( ). Have you ever heard of this company or do you know of any other internet latex mattress companies that would be worthwhile contacting.


Hi srok,

Yes I am very familiar with them as they are manufacturing members of this site. Post #21 of this thread (which strangely enough has the same title as this one) outlines the members who specialize in shipping mattresses to anywhere in the country.

Manufacturers who have been invited to become members of the site are among the sources that I consider to be the “best of the best” in terms of factory direct manufacturers across the country and by becoming members show also that they support the goals and ideals of the site as well. They also offer a 5% discount to all the members of the forum who have posted at least once (which means that you qualify of course :)).

With some local testing to get a sense of the type of layering and construction that works well for you … they can be a great choice for those who don’t have a local factory direct manufacturer or outlet with similar value nearby.


I ordered a mattress for this company a couple weeks ago. Once I receive the mattress I’ll do a review and some pics.

Hi Phoenix,

Thanks for this great site! Like so many others here my husband and I had already decided on the Serta icomfort revolution king size until I came across this site while doing some research. Now, we are starting the search again but in the latex direction. Can you recommend a good manufacturer in the Jacksonville, Fl area? Thanks in advance! I’m sure we’ll have more questions but I’ll wait til after I’ve visited the manufacturer!

Thanks again,

Hi Khm1,

There aren’t a lot of great choices right in Jacksonville … at least that I’m aware of …but there are a few. I did a search to make sure I wasn’t missing anything obvious and the best IMO of the local options are … Local factory direct manufacturer in Jacksonville that has been making mattresses for 30 years. they don’t have a website but I talked with Jack Coleman here and they make a range of latex, innerspring, and memory foam mattresses. Most of their business is commercial but they have a local showroom that also sells direct to consumers and would be well worth a visit. Jacksonville, Orange Park, FL. Retail outlet that carries Pure Latex Bliss which is a manufacturer owned by Latex International which manufactures much of the Talalay latex in North America. While they are very nice and better quality/value than most chain store mattresses, they may also be higher priced than some local manufacturers who make latex mattresses and there is also a difference in the selling price for PLB mattresses between retailers so make some good value comparisons here. NOTE ADDED Jan. 5th, 2016: The owner here is retiring so they will be closing in a few weeks from the date of this note. They are a chain store and so are not a great place to shop for mattresses but they do carry mattresses made by Therapedic which may be better quality/value than equivalent mattresses made by larger brands. I would only consider these if they can tell you the density of every foam layer of the mattress. Again … not likely to be the best value compared to local manufacturing and I would be very careful here that you don’t get “enticed” to buy any mattress where you don’t know the type and quality/density of every layer in the mattress (not just the type of material but its quality/density). I would avoid the other mattresses that they also carry. Small retail outlet in Jacksonville. They carry mattresses made by Golden Mattress Company which are a smaller manufacturer who makes a range of mattresses (including latex hybrids and gel memory foam) which usually have better value than equivalent mattresses made by larger brands. Also Bed boss and mLily memory foam mattresses. Jacksonville, FL. Carry Restonic, Sherwood, Pure Talalay Bliss, Paramount, and Biscayne Bedding mattresses. Retailer in Orange Park, FL. Carries Savvy Rest, OMI, and Naturepedic which are all high quality latex mattresses but also carry premium prices.

Woodchuck's Furniture Showroom in Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL. Carry Jamison and Restonic which are manufacturers that make some better quality/value mattresses.

It may also be worth making a phone call or taking a drive to … They are a local factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of mattresses with great quality/value. They are also a manufacturing member of this site which means that they compete well with the best in the industry. Rick is the owner there (he’s the one on the video) and is very knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful.

Hope this helps