Latex Mattresses from Ikea — any experience?

I’m in the market for a latex mattress, queen size, that my wife and I will sleep on intermittently, tho often for weeks at a time. The bed is in an expedition vehicle that we travel and explore in.

I am going to follow the recommended 5 step approach recommended by Phoenix, but one of the relatively accessible sources for me is an Ikea store in Portland, OR.

Does anyone have experience with either their SULTAN EDSELLE [7 zones] or SULTAN ELSFJORD [5 zones] mattresses?


Hi 70sleeper,

I don’t have any personal experience with these but there is a breakdown of the Ikea latex mattresses in post #3 here with some thoughts about them.

Hopefully someone that has purchased any of these will see this as well and provide you with some “real life” feedback.



Thank you for the link to the observations on the Ikea mattresses! [Doesn’t look like Ikea will provide a quick solution for me; next step is to do your five steps.]

But even more thanks for the time and effort you have put into this site and the replies you give to people. I ‘belong’ to a number of forums and the quality of your responses and information rates very high in my book.