Latex mattresses in Split Cal King?

Amazing site and invaluable information, Phoenix!

Getting ready to make a latex purchase, and have it down to “good and good” choices of either the Sleep EZ 10,000 or the Brooklyn Bedding 10" Total Latex. Looked at local (San Jose, CA) dealers manufacturers, but they were prohibitive either from a cost or a return policy standpoint.

Although I feel I’m close to purchase, one thing I don’t seem to see on almost any retailers site is a size for split cal king mattresses. We have the L&P Prodigy Adjustable Split Cal King frames, and were hoping to get split mattresses for them. I’m assuming most retailers will offer this in a custom cut capacity, but that typically rules out their return policy. Correct assumption? Phoenix, do you happen to know if Split Cal King mattresses are available with any retailers without affecting their standard return policy?

Second question: Does having the L&P Prodigy adjustable frames affect how we would choose our firmness layers for the latex?

Thanks for the help!!!

Hi wallyworld,

Some manufacturers offer a split cal king as a “normal” option which wouldn’t affect their return or exchange policy and for some it would be a custom order which can affect the exchange or return policy. It depends on the manufacturer. I’m pretty sure that SleepEz offers cal king split layers but I’m not sure about BB so I would call them to find out.

No … the choices would be the same as any firm non flexing base.