Latex Mattresses & Intimacy


I am getting married in a few months, and have been mattress shopping with my fiance for a little bit now.
We were about to settle for a latex mattress 10" (3x3), when we heard someone say that Latex mattress do not behave as well as coil mattresses for you know what I mean.

Is that true? by doing some research I noticed it was a lot better than foam. But I don’t really want a 1k+ purchase to remove some of the fun. is it best to simply settle for a coil mattress?


Hi Mike4432,

Latex foam is generally less “bouncy” than an innerspring but it’s also the most resilient of all the different types of foam materials and while there is no consensus of opinion about which materials are best for sex … you will rarely hear complaints about intimate activities from people who sleep on latex because of its resilience.

Memory foam on the other hand is a much less resilient foam material (polyfoam would be in between the two) that has no bounce at all so there are many more people who complain about the “stuck” feeling and lack of resilience and support from memory foam relative to intimate activities than from other types of mattresses although of course this is always a personal preference that will vary widely between people (see post #2 here).