Latex Memory Foam combo?

After reading a lot of material on line and You Tube videos, I’ve kind of gotten the idea that Latex foam, by itself or in combination with Memory foam, might be a good way to go. When I googled the words, one hit that coame up was “”. Anyone know anything about Plushbeds?

Hi podbay1,

Plushbeds doesn’t carry any latex/memory foam hybrids that I’m aware of.

They have been mentioned several times in the forum and compared to other online manufacturers but in essence their latex mattresses are good quality that have better prices than some online outlets but not in the same value range as some of the better online choices available to members here (listed in post #21 here).

Their memory foam mattresses don’t include some of the information that would be important to me to determine their relative value and the suitability of the mattress for any particular person (the thickness of the memory foam layers and the density of their support polyfoam).

A forum search on “plushbeds” will bring up lots more information about them.

You also have some very good local choices (listed in the other thread) where you can actually test different materials and layering combinations and I would focus on these before I considered including an online purchase as one of my options. At the very least your local testing will give you a much clearer idea of the type of mattress that best suits your needs and preferences and the best case is that the local quality and value is as good as what you can purchase online.