Latex optionbs

20 years ago I purchased a Jamison Monarch TLC king mattress. Loved it. It was advertised as a Latex mattress. I don’t know the actual construction although it was a solid mass without springs. 1 side medium, 1 side firm. I loved the comfort of either side. With research I have come to realize that there our a myriad of choices. I now want the feel of a “Monarch” with 100% latex. You have explained that there are many latex mattress combinations creating various comforts. With so many manufacturers offering assembly options l couldn’t possibly try them all. I have now become concerned with 100% dunlop vs 100% Talalay verses a Dunlop core & Talalay topper. So my question is do you have an opinion on how to make the process simple for me to replicate the “Monarch” comfort?
Thanks for sharing any information.

Hi Gatorgene,

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Without knowing the exact componentry within your old Jamison mattress, I wouldn’t be able to point you in the proper direction of something that might be “in the range” of comfort to your current mattress. In order to approximate the feel of your old Monarch TLC, you’d need to know the exact specifications (type of latex, blend and softness (ILD)) of each layer of foam contained within the mattress (assuming this was an all-latex mattress and not something with a polyfoam core). And even then, the resulting product would still have a bit of a different feel, but at least you’d have a relatively “close” approximation.

The good news is that Jamison is still in business, and if you phoned them I’m sure they would be able to speak with you about the details of your old mattress and what they might still product that is similar. Information on how to contact them is located here.

In the current offerings on their web site, they do list a TLC collection, and I was able to find a few retailers who state that they carry the Monarch, but the configuration would be different from what you bought 20 years ago, as I see that it uses layers of 2” of “soft GL Talalay (slow recovery that was not available 20 years ago) and 2” of “soft Talalay on the plush side, then 6” of “extra firm” Talalay on the firm side. But I am not sure if this model is in current production. You’d have to check with Jamison.

Another option that they may mention to you would be a few of the latex mattresses they offer in their hospitality collection. A few of these are 2-sided, but they use a polyfoam core with latex on each side. There is a two-sided all latex mattress that has a plush and firm side called the Ashburton. But you’d have to speak with them regarding how close these might be to what you originally purchased and if they would be available to you in a retail setting.

Hopefully that gives you a good start in your research. I would go straight to Jamison and see what you could find out from them in a detailed phone conversation.

I’ll be interested in learning of your findings.