Latex options for adjustable bed

Howdy, everyone. My wife and I are purchasing our first latex mattress and we have a few questions.

I have a Cal King Prodigy Dual adjustable bed and I’m looking to build a three (9") or four (12") layered mattress from 3" Latex International blended or 100% natural cores.

I’m 5’9" and 155 lbs. with minor lower back issues. My wife is 5’8" and 188 lbs. and has no back issues.

Our questions are:

  1. In regards to use on an adjustable bed (and regardless of 3-4 layers), is it best to use a single 72" x 84" core per layer or 36" x “84” split cores?
  2. Based on our weight and use of an adjustable bed, should we build a 9" or 12" mattress?


Hi Cal King,

You should be fine either way on an adjustable bed and I would base your decision about whether to split the layers on your discussions with the manufacturer or retailer you are working with about whether it would be beneficial to have split layering.

Based on your weight you would both be fine with 8" - 9" of latex in most cases. Post #14 here talks about the potential benefits of more layers or thicker mattresses.

Both 9" and 12" are in the range that would conform well to an adjustable bed although the 9" will conform a little more “exactly”.


Thanks for your reply, Phoenix.

We’re making our final decisions (Organic or blended Talalay, local or internet purchase, ILD per layer, etc) and appreciate the information found on your site.

I’m reading other posts and hope you can provide additional information should we have further questions.

Thanks again.


Hi Cal King,

I’m happy to answer whatever I’m able to :slight_smile: