latex pillow for back and side sleeping


Thanks very much for a wonderful & informative site! I have a question about pillows.

I am a back and side sleeper looking for a comfortable pillow. I had some luck with the Posturemed Orthopedic pillow ( for the first month, but it has since softened and no longer provides adequate support. So the neck pain is back. I’m wondering whether a similar pillow is available in latex. Alternately, would you have a recommendation for a different back/side sleeping pillow?


First let me say, thank you Phoenix for this wonderful forum. It’s great to be able to find an unbiased source for purchasing mattresses.

Like M, I would love to hear a good recommendation for a pillow for a side sleeper. I used to buy buy Sealy pillows from Walmart, but they would only last maybe 3 months. Then I was able to find another pillow made by Sealy that JC Penney’s carried that had a steel core (I know that doesn’t sound like it would be comfortable, but it has worked great.) to prevent the pillow from going flat. The last time I checked, though, they didn’t carry it any more.

It seems very difficult to find a pillow that provides enough support for side sleepers, but will also last more than a few months.



Hi FIG, and mmp,

Pillows are a very personal item and while there are certainly “needs” connected with them (to keep your head and neck in alignment), personal preferences play such a large role (much more even than mattresses) that a "recommendation isn’t really possible because the “sensation” and “feel” of a pillow is very subjective.

The pillow thread here though should be helpful and has links to some good resources and pillow choices.