latex pillow question

Hopefully not too off topic. First, the relative merits of one piece pillows vs. shredded latex? And second, in this context, does Dunlop vs. Talalay, or natural vs. synthetic/blended Talalay, matter? Thanks for any insight.

Hi pspa123,

Solid latex will be more “bouncy” than shredded latex and shredded latex can also be scrunched up to some degree (depending on the amount of the filling) which can be useful for multiple sleeping positions that need different pillow thickness. They also have a different “feel”.

This would be an individual choice based on the type or latex you were most comfortable with in your pillow. Some people may prefer versions of latex that use 100% natural latex in their pillow even though both of them would likely be equally “safe”.

There are so many versions of shredded latex and the amount of fill and the size of the particles and the resilience of the source material for the shredded latex will all make a difference in the feel of the Pillow. Dunlop and Talalay will also feel different and there is also a range of softness for each one as well. There are so many variables with construction and individual preferences with pillows that I think the only way to really know is by actually trying the specific pillow you are interested in.