Latex Pillow

What is the best high profile medium firm latex pillow for a back sleeper? Dunlop ot Talalay and the place to purchase please.

Hi mgstokes,

I don’t think you will find any consensus or any single type of pillow that is “best” because there are too many variables and individual subjective preferences involved with choosing a pillow. It would be much like asking which is the “best” type of fruit.

Having said that … the pillow thread here and the other posts and sources of information it links to may be helpful :).


If you are looking for a shredded latex pillow (which is what I recommend for most of my patients), I would recommend one that has been overstuffed and has a zippered case so that you remove the stuffing to fit your preference. Also, once the foam wears a little, you can then add stuffing to again fit your preference.