Latex Pure Bliss Beautiful too firm

We did the research and we wanted a latex mattress. We bought a Latex Pure Bliss Beautiful with a 3" topper. We bought the king sized adjustable bed.

Our previous bed was a really soft pillow top with a memory foam topper on top of that. I love a soft bed that I can sink into. So much so that I rarely sleep away from home and when I travel I usually have to have extra pillows delivered so I can make a “nest” of them to sleep on.

So we had the Pure Bliss Beautiful delivered.

The first month I told myself I was still adjusting. I was used to a softer bed, etc. The good things about was no more waking up in a
sweat from the memory foam. And no lower back pain. I tend to start off sleeping on my side but land on my back in the middle of the night.

But after 2 months I am still not sleeping through the night. I am exhausted. Now I am getting tingles (pressure points?) no matter where I lay and when I wake up in the morning my upper back is super tight.

It takes me forever to fall asleep because I feel like I am sleeping on the floor.

I’m at a loss as to what to try next. The store suggested I try a wool topper on top of the other one so I’m going down there today to give that a try but right now I honestly think I want a conventional mattress back again with a nice cushy top. My couch is softer than the latex.

Does it ever really soften up or is this what I should expect if we keep this?

I find it hard to imagine a 2" wool topper will really make a difference but I’ll give it a try.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Hi Dusty,

I don’t know any details about your body type or any other “comfort” issues (medical or otherwise) you may have that would affect your mattress choice so I have no reference points to account for your experience but I can tell you that your experience is very much outside of the norm. For many people the Beautiful by itself is already too soft and adding an even softer 3" topper to this would put you in the extreme end of softness (what many people would call “crazy soft”). For the majority of people this would be a sleeping system that was much too soft (it has 9" of latex that is in the “soft” to “super plush” range) to provide good alignment but of course everyone can be very different.

I also don’t understand why your mattress appears to be firmer than your couch because I have never seen any couch in my experience that would be softer than the Beautiful with a 3" soft topper. You would sink right through it if you sat on it.

I am almost tempted to say that your mattress may even be too soft for you and this could be putting pressure on your joints, muscles, and ligaments by sinking in too far and hyperextending or stretching them beyond their neutral position.

There’s also the possibility that your mattress is somehow defective or a different model (you can check the law label to make sure) or that you have something on top of the mattress (mattress protector or bedding) that is interfering with how the latex compresses.

There would also be very few mattresses … pillowtop or otherwise … that would be softer than what you are sleeping on with the exception of some types of memory foam that are very low ILD and would allow you to sink in deeper if the soft layers were thick enough.

I’m really not sure what to tell you because your feedback is completely outside of my experience. It will be interesting to see the effect of a wool topper which can provide some “point specific” pressure relief but would also tend to reduce how much the latex is compressing.

In cases like yours … the only thing I can really suggest is to use your own personal testing experiences to choose a mattress that feels softer to you and remain open to the possibility that your mattress could actually be too soft and that you really need something firmer not softer.

Of course you could add even more ultra soft toppers but I just don’t know if this would help.


Thanks so much for the feedback. We think we might have a clunker of a mattress. Spent a couple of hours at the store today, lots of time laying on my back and trying to relax and see how my body reacted. We brought my topper from home and the store guy tried it out too and agreed that it was much firmer than the one in the store which was soft and what I expected. We also tried out the wool topper which I loved! I really got that “sinking into bed” sensation which I love.

So our original LPB was a split King which created another headache because of the space between the two beds. It made us feel like we were sleeping on an even smaller bed, plus arms and legs trapped in the space were not a good thing. So we are going to swap for a king size regular bed (not split) and then there will be a new topper, which will hopefully be soft and the wool topper.

I really am a princess and the pea sort of person with a bed which is a pain, literally.

Now the waiting period for it to arrive (about 3 weeks.)

I’m looking forward to the wool topper. Thanks again for the input and the wealth of info on this site.

I guess for other people the PLB is super soft but coming from a plush pillowtop with a Costco memory foam topper, the latex is a much different feel. I don’t miss the memory foam at all. (way too hot and I found rolling over and getting out of bed tough.)

Thanks again.


Hi Dusty,

That’s good news that your topper wasn’t in the normal softness range … I really was having trouble trying to figure out the reasons behind your experience.

Wool is also a great material and some people even call it “natural memory foam” because it has a slower response than polyfoam or latex but of course it’s also much different from memory foam and much cooler and more breathable.

You’re also right that latex has a different “feel” and there are different types of softness that people are sensitive to. Softness is often very subjective and perceived differently by different people and besides just the physical softness of a material it can depend on how quickly a material responds, how you sink into a foam, and on other objective and subjective factors as well. Regardless of all of this though … I’m glad you were able to make the changes you needed to make.

I’m looking forward to hearing about how everything works for you when you receive all the pieces of your new sleeping system. It would be great to know things are working well for you.


Thanks again, Phoenix. I will totally report back here when we have the new setup because I am learning so much reading here on the forum.

My husband and I were just talking about the two setups, the current and the one to come, and we wonder if some of the issues might be related to the fact that it is a split-King? Perhaps the base is hitting me in different places?


Hi Dusty,

I guess anything is possible but I don’t see how you could be sinking through and hitting the base with a mattress that thick whether it was split or a single mattress but clearly something is affecting you. In any case … the proof is in the pudding so we’ll see how things work out when you receive the new mattress and toppers … and hopefully much better :slight_smile: