Latex top layer too stiff

I have new latex mattress All Dunlop. Firm on bottom, then Medium, then Soft on top. It feel too stiff. Help!

You may be happier with a talalay latex top layer. Medium or soft talalay latex will contour to your body to provide more flexible, cushioning support.

I currently sleep on a layer of soft talalay (ild 19) over a medium dunlop mid layer and a firm dunlop bottom layer. It’s downright squishy.

If you’re looking for a soft-feeling mattress, talalay as a top layer should help.

Hi Melonasia.

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Amyrinthe gives good advice here! You may wish to switch from dunlop to talalay. The difference between the two is often compared to the difference between pound cake (dunlop) and angel food cake (talalay).

This should help lighten and soften your experience.