Latex topper or is purchasing a new latex mattress better?

Hi there,

I have been needing to make a change in mattress for some time now - I have a herniated disc in my lower back and the pain has been getting worse on my current bed - and all my research has led to latex mattresses. I am wondering though if I should just settle for a latex mattress topper (I have a regular queen size Serta spring mattress about 10 years old) or if it’s better for me to make the leap in purchasing a new latex mattress. Dreamfoam’s Ultimate Dream Latex mattress recently caught my eye and I’m wondering is it worth it to spend the extra $300 to get a new mattress altogether?


Hi sung,

At 10 years old I think your Serta has probably reached the end of its useful life. A topper can help if a mattress is too firm and you need more pressure relief but it it not an effective way to improve the support of a mattress which has softened except perhaps partially or temporarily. You can read more about this in post #4 here

I would personally look for a new mattress rather than trying to “rescue” a mattress that has lost its support.