Latex topper worth it for an already latex mattress?

I recently bought a mattress topper 2”/medium from Sleep on Latex. I put the topper on a brand new cheap mattress and love it so much that I am convinced to return the mattress and invest in a better (latex) one.

I plan on purchasing the Roma mattress from Sleep EZ, and wonder if it is worth it to keep the topper. Is there any benefit or do toppers mainly just redeem old or low quality mattress?

Hi oneil and thanks for reaching out on this! If you prefer the feel of the latex topper, no matter which mattress you end up with, my advice is to keep the latex topper on that mattress, for sure. Having a top layer that is not encased with the rest of the mattress will allow that top layer enough spatial freedom to move upwards when you lay on it, making for a very plush and enveloping feel. This is what I recommend to customers that are used to pillow top mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or people that are looking for a softer or plusher mattress in general. Aside from that, most toppers have our organic cotton topper cover, which is a thin, stretchy cover instead of the cotton & wool cover that’s on our mattress. As far as the cotton & wool cover goes, please keep in mind that anything you have between yourself and the latex affects the way you contour into the latex, making for a much firmer feel. So having a topper on top of the mattress makes for an even more plush and enveloping feel, not just because it’s not being restricted by the mattress cover, but also because you no longer have an inch of wool impeding how much you contour into the top layer of latex.

Once you have an all-latex mattress where all of the layers / all of the mattress is inside of one cover, the mattress will feel noticeably firmer. If you were to change your current setup for a Roma and topper, you would mainly notice that the topper lasts longer, the mattress lasts longer, and you’ll end up with a setup that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or off-gassing.

Wow. Thank you for such a detailed response. I really appreciate it. I am wondering now, why is there a 1 inch layer of wool if it lessens the experience of the latex?
Also, Is wool good for temperature regulation? I sleep hot and have ruined mattresses and bedsheets before, so this is important to me and why I am looking into latex, other than just the nice feeling and durability

We ship out dozens of mattresses per day and have been doing it for decades, and wool is our standard cover, and yet we only have a 4% return rate (the industry average is 15-20% for mattress returns). So most customers have no issues with the cover, but it’s something to keep in mind for your situation. Since your main experience with latex doesn’t involve a wool cover, I wanted to avoid any surprises there.

Although wool is outstanding at temperature regulation and wicking away moisture, latex is also outstanding at temperature regulation because it is an open-celled and naturally breathable product; so latex is a great “ventilation system” that will draw body heat away from you and allow it to dissipate into the mattress and foundation. The stretch cover allows you to be closer to that natural latex “ventilation system” which allows the mattress to sleep pretty much just as cool as having a 1” cotton & wool cover.