Latex Toppers and Seams - want King with no seam

I have a king size SleepEZ 2" Talalay Soft topper that is 5 years old. The topper has bowed on both sides of the glued seam. This makes for an unpleasant ridge down the center of the bed.

We’ve periodically flipped and rotated the topper over the years, but it’s seemingly (pun intended) due for replacement.

My partner and I are predominantly side sleepers. Three months prior to purchasing the topper we bought SleepEZ’s Natural Eastern King 10,000 with split Top: Dunlop Soft/Talalay Medium, Middle: Medium Dunlop, Bottom: Firm Dunlop with their Twin XL wood foundations. We then slept on this for those 3 months, shuffled the Top and Middle layers around a few times and found that in the best configuration my partners lower back pain shifted up towards her shoulders. We bought the topper to try to remedy this and the pain was slightly less.

Now we’re contemplating what the replacement topper will be. We’d prefer something without a seam and apparently only Dunlop king toppers are available without a seam.

SleepEZ has a good selection of Dunlop king toppers in 2" and 3" thicknesses, with Firmness from Soft-Medium- Firm and Extra Firm.

We’re not married to SleepEZ and would consider other brands. We’re not sure whether changing to Dunlop makes sense and if so what firmness/ILD . We don’t really want to be A-B-C+ testing multiple toppers.

I do know that Dunlop is generally more resistive/less plush feeling than talalay. So I don’t know if going from a 2" Talalay Soft to say a 3" Dunlop Soft would provide appropriate support, but still allow for good contouring and help alleviate an upper body pressure point and not cause a lower back pain flair up.

Any guidance is appreciated!

Hi Dan,

Some people prefer Dunlop, but it does “push back” more than Talalay - so you might want to go a little softer than what you’d choose for Talalay. You can find a king sized Talalay topper here. I’m not sure if it has a seam, you’d have to reach out. I don’t see anything on their site about a seam, for whatever that is worth!


I was told by SleepEZ that there are only two global suppliers of talalay toppers and they don’t make a king size. Instead, they supply their customers with Twin XL and Queen size foam sheets to cut down and/or glue together to make the various other sizes.

And, only Dunlop foam toppers are offered in King size without a seam. They’re one piece.

I also confirmed this with the Mattress Factory.

…and Jim at DIY Mattress confirmed that their talalay king toppers are all made from two Twin XL pieces glued together. There isn’t a king size talalay topper mold.