latex toppers in Seattle area

Hi Phoenix,
Thanks for your work on this great website.

I have a very firm innerspring mattress I need to soften up and want to try latex toppers such as the LI Rejuvenite topper in a store. Do you know a store in the Seattle area that carries these or at least has an in-store version to try out? I’m wondering if my hips would sink right through 3 inches of 19 ILD talatech (at 130 lbs, 5’4"). And how the Rejuvenite topper compares to 2 inches of 22 ILD, such as you can get from Also, more generally, which Seattle establishments have a lot of latex toppers to try?

Also, I see that microcoils are being used more and more. It seems like a topper with a 2-inch microcoil layer under 2 inches of latex could be fantastic on a very firm mattress. Do you think such a topper would work, and who in the Seattle area uses microcoils?

You mentioned somewhere that you aren’t a fan of zoning in innersprings. I was wondering why not?

Hi mattresshound,

The list of some of the better mattress options in the Seattle area is in post #2 here but I don’t know which of them carry specific toppers. A few quick calls should find out though. There are also some stores in the Seattle area that carry Pure Latex Bliss toppers but they may be softer than you want to consider (usually in the 14 - 15 ILD range).

Don’t forget that a topper is “supposed” to allow you to feel the layers below them and not to stop you from “going through” them to some degree. How much it allows you to “go through” depends on your body type, sleeping style, and on the layers below it. The deeper layers are the ones that are supposed to “stop” the heavier areas of the body from sinking down too far … not the comfort layers or a topper. Many people would not feel much difference between 19 and 22 ILD if all other things were equal although some would feel a fairly small difference. The odds are also better that with your lower weight that softer latex would also be more suitable than for someone whose weight was higher but layer thickness, layer softness, and the specifics of the mattress that the topper is going on will all play a role in what kind of topper will work best for you. There are some somewhat subjective guidelines in post #8 here that may be helpful.

Like all materials … it may work for some and not for others depending on all the many variables involved. The only way to know for certain would be your own personal experience. You may also have some difficulty finding microcoils outside of in actual mattresses and I don’t know of any toppers.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this (if I have let me know where so I can correct it) because I believe innerspring zoning can be very helpful. I think you may be referring to comments I’ve made about zoning that uses more than three zones or what I call “reverse zoning” which can be somewhat risky for certain body types (by allowing the heavier parts of the body to sink in too far).


Mattresshound, I have one bare but fresh data point to contribute because I’m cross posting from this thread right now regarding latex topper just in case you live on the north side like me. Currently I’m playing with a 2" topper from Bedrooms and More to soften my very firm 6" latex mattress. My memory is terrible but I recall the techs stating that it’s a Dunlop process at 24 ILD or thereabouts. They also have a 3" version and also a dual sided 3" topper that is special to them so it wouldn’t be something you could test and order cheaper somewhere else (they are rather expensive :sadface: ). If you happen to have quick access to I-5 it might be a place to start at least. Good luck in your search.

Thanks Bfiguero, Bedrooms and More seems like a good store to check out. But I was wondering how you happened to get that 2" topper for “a steal, price-wise”, because the prices on their website seem, to me at least, not low.

Hi mattresshound,

Have you tried phoning some of the merchants on the list. I know that several of them carry toppers and while I don’t know their prices … Foam Rubber City has access to Talalay in any ILD you wish (I don’t know what they have in stock) and some of the others carry latex toppers as well. Seattle Mattress for example also has 19 ILD 3" Talalay toppers (same as the soft Rejuvenite) and can order other ILD’s as well.


Thanks! I visited 6-Day mattress in Redmond and tried 3" Pure Latex Bliss topper on very firm mattress (pretty much like mine at home) - heavenly! $499 for queen in the Talatech blend. I went through the 2" version.
Then visited Sleep Store (now in Bellevue) and tried the all-natural 3" Pure Latex Bliss topper on a weird hard bed with alternating layers of coconut fiber and latex. The topper was good, but actually I felt I could tell the difference from the blended latex, which I liked more. The all-natural is harder and heavier, and it was $530 for a queen.
Then I visited Seattle Mattress Co in Ballard. They had a 3" all-natural talalay topper with 19 ILD from LI. It comes wrapped in their own more substantial cover for $899. The total thickness is about 4". I didn’t really like that heavy cover though, or the price.
So I know I want 3" of soft latex and would prefer talatech for durability and price And probably I would prefer 19 ILD over 14 ILD for the durability, even though the Pure Latex Bliss topper was heavenly. So I am looking for Rejuvenite toppers, but only and SLAB seem to have them. Their price delivered to my house is $420 (SLAB) or just $3 less than that from
Still need to visit Bedrooms and More, but I know they carry nothing from LI and actually go around SE Asia sourcing their own latex, which is a bit pricy.

Hi mattresshound,

I would also be aware that if this is 19 ILD then it is also blended Talalay (which is what I believe they carry … not the 100% natural).

If you know you want 19 ILD Talalay … then you could also order this and a separate (or included) cover from some of the suppliers in post #4 here (some may have this available but not on their website) for a fair bet less than the Rejuvenite topper.