Latexco mattress topper Arizona Mattress Company

I recently purchased a king size Latexco duvet latex topper online from Arizona Mattresses. When it arrived it has numerous small tears on the perimeter of the topper, which I would think would probably be normal, but it also has two silver-dollar sized holes in the middle part of the topper and I am wondering if this is something to be expected and normal with any latex topper. This is the first one I’ve ever purchased so I am not real familiar with latex products, other than pillows which I bought from another place and did not have any imperfections like these. Thank you for your opinion.

Hi topperquestions,

Yes, small imperfections, tears, or voids and discoloration are normal (you can see a few examples here and here) … particularly for cut layers of natural Dunlop latex … and have no effect on the performance of the layer. Of course it also depends on the degree or the size of the voids or “holes” and how deep they are. If you take a picture and email it to Ken (Customer Service,) he will tell you if yours is inside the “normal” range for the duvet topper but the odds are good that it is probably fine.