Latexpedic/Electropedic Beds - Burbank, California

I went to Latexpedic/Electropedic Beds in Burbank California today and took a half an hour to test out some talalay beds and chat with the sales rep. It was a good experience all around. The rep seemed very knowledgable about the materials (100% talalay from Latex International) and the ILD numbers and thicknesses. Their mattresses feel pretty wonderful and they make them double sided so you can flip. The thickness and ILDs of their layers would suggest a Progressive Construction idea. However, they carry a pretty high price tag.
Anyway, it’s not so easy to find a place to check out the feel of talalay latex mattresses in Hollywood or the immediate surroundings so anyone who needs to do so, that’s a great place to check out! And it’s a stone’s throw from Porto’s :slight_smile:

Hi deep owl,

I just realized that I hadn’t responded to your last post in another thread so I’ll make a comment here …

I think you are exactly right and each of us needs to decide for ourselves what are the most important parts of our personal value equation. This includes the objective and “commodity value” factors of course but it also includes all the other parts of a mattress purchase including more subjective and even intangible differences that are more or less important to each person and that can be more difficult to put a value on.

Thanks for the feedback about Electropedic as well. I have talked with them on several occasions and I have also found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful (which is why they are on the LA list here).

As you mention … they are also a higher cost than some (but certainly much better value compared to major brands) although a comparison with a one sided mattress is not really “apples to apples” because it is more costly to finish a mattress on both sides and the ability to flip a mattress also increases durability even with already more durable materials like latex.

I’m looking forward to finding out about what you end up choosing. You still have quite a few options available to you.