Layer Adjustments

I have a 13" latex mattress from SleepEZ and I’m about 6-7 weeks into sleeping on it. I have Talalay soft, Dunlop medium and two Dunlop firm layers. I primarily sleep on my back and occasionally sleep on my side. I have tried the standard stackup of Soft/Med/Firm/Firm and it’s pretty good except that I feel like I’m “in” the bed more than I’d like to be (causing some heat trapping). I’ve also tried Med/Soft/Firm/Firm and while I’m more on top of the bed, this configuration seems to be somewhat less comfortable. When sleeping on my back with this configuration, I end up with some mild back soreness around my lower ribs and need to turn to my side for relief. I’m wondering what layer configuration I should try next.

Hi Jameson! It sounds like the soft layer will work best for you as the top layer for pressure relief. If you felt the soft over medium layer was not offering enough support we would suggest moving one of the firm layers up right under the soft and dropping the medium to the 3rd level making the configuration S/F/M/F. Please let us know how you do with this configuration. Thanks!

Thanks for the quick reply!
I swapped the layers to have the S/F/M/F configuration and I have slept on it for the last two nights. Is it normal with this type of swap to wake up with discomfort after the first night? After the first night with this configuration, I woke up with lower back soreness.


Yes there really is an adjustment period and it can take up to a month for your body to adjust to any different sleeping setup. Having back pain after one night isn’t an indication that the new configuration isn’t working for you, it may just be an indication that your body is adjusting to the new setup or forgetting its “learned alignment.” So we normally recommend trying any different setup for up to a month if you can just to make sure you’re not passing up what could be your ideal configuration.

Thank you for the information and suggestions.
I am approaching the end of my 90-day sleep trial and I have tried several layer stackup combinations, but I haven’t found what I think to be the best. Here are my notes from each combination (left to right is top to bottom layer ordering). Note that my Soft layer is Talalay and the others are Dunlop.

  • SMFF: Seems to be the best of the configurations I’ve tried. Good pressure relief and I don’t wake up needing to shift positions.
  • SFMF: Seemed too firm. I felt a lot of pressure under my butt and it didn’t feel like the best sleep.
  • MSFF: Seems like it’s not enough pressure relief. Woke up in the morning feeling sore several times (mid back / lower rib area).
    [li]FSMF: Pretty decent. Good initial feel and feeling on top instead of in the bed. However, I think there isn’t enough pressure relief as I would wake up and need to turn to my side due to minor middle/upper back soreness.

I’m planning to do a layer exchange and I would like some input. Effectively, I think it’s down to either MSFF or FSMF and my thought is to exchange a Dunlop for a Talalay to help with pressure relief. What I’m not sure is which one to swap, Medium or Firm.

My biggest concern with the SMFF is being too hot in the summer since with this configuration, I am more “in” the bed and surrounded by more bedding material. The reason I bring this up is because it’s feasible that for the cooler months (I live in Colorado), I can keep some version of SMFF and then in the hotter months, I could switch to MSFF or FSMF (with two layers being Talalay and two Dunlop). The question is, which would be better for the SMFF configuration with two Talalay layers?

  • S (T) / M (T) / F (D) / F (D), or
  • S (T) / M (D) / F (T) / F (D)


Based on the information you’ve provided and the information you shared in our phone conversation on Monday, I think a medium Talalay layer for exchange is your best bet for the summer months so that you can sleep on m/s/f/f with medium being the Talalay layer or f/s/m/f, again with medium as the Talalay layer. In the winter months you would probably be fine on m/s/f/f which you said was OK but not enough pressure relief. Since that medium would be Talalay instead of Dunlop, it should keep you from sinking into the mattress the way you do with the soft on top, and it will also add more pressure relief compared to when you had the medium Dunlop on top, so you’ll eliminate that issue at the same time.