Layer choices for a fat person with a bad back

I’m a slightly difficult mattress shopper because I’m fat (5’7, ~270 pounds) and have a history of lower back problems that are made worse by bad mattresses. I’m a side and back sleeper when I don’t have terrible back pain and a stomach sleeper when I’ve aggravated my back and it’s keeping me awake. I tend to like a plush top layer with firm support underneath – one of my most comfortable bed situations involved a feather bed over a hard dormitory mattress.

My last two innerspring mattresses were from S brands and were saggy messes within 5 years, so I don’t want another one.

Based on trying beds in a local store and research on this site I’m pretty sure I want to go with an all-latex mattress this time around. I tried a medium-firm Posh + Lavish mattress at my local shop and it felt amazing, but at near $4000 for a queen it’s way over my budget. Unfortunately all the other latex mattress retailers in my area are either too expensive (I’d like to spend around $1500, could go as high as $2000 for a durable, comfortable product).

Sleep EZ looks like they offer a lovely high-quality product at a price I can actually handle, but there’s so much choice I’m a little overwhelmed! The site calculator recommends a medium talalay layer, a firm dunlop layer, and an extra-firm dunlop layer, but it’s a big purchase so I am perhaps excessively anxious to trust its judgment. I’m also not sure if the 9" model is okay or if the 13" would be preferable considering my weight.

I’d really appreciate your thoughts!

Hello Wendy

Thank you kindly for your inquiry!

Based on the information you have kindly provided, I think that the 10" (9 inches of latex) should be an adequate amount of latex for you to achieve both contour and support. I would indeed recommend either a medium over firm over extra firm, or a firm over firm over extra firm (depending on whether you like a plush or a firm feel). Talalay latex does offer a bit more contour than Dunlop, therefore I would recommend it as your top layer. Dunlop is a bit more supportive, and should be chosen as your support layers. Keep in mind, that SleepEZ offers a 90-day exchange policy. This allows you to exchange comfort layers, as many as it may take, for 90 days, which takes the risk out of purchasing online. Your first exchange costs a flat fee of $30.
Please don’t hesitate to call our office should you have any questions, or would like to discuss further. Thanks again!

I ended up doing the medium talalay over firm dunlop over extra-firm dunlop configuration and I’m fairly pleased after my first night. The support is wonderful. Right now the top layer is actually a bit firmer than I would prefer – no pain or pressure points but I’d like it to feel a little more snuggly. Of course it’s only been one night – I’m not planning on changing anything for 30 days.

I’ve read that mattresses tend to soften up a bit in the first few weeks… is this true? If it softens up a little bit I think it’ll be perfect!

In the meantime, we have a fluffy polyfill-stuffed mattress pad we use for guests on our way-too-hard fold-out sofa, so I’ve tossed that on there to give me a little extra sink while the mattress and I try to work it out. It’s purely a personal preference issue as opposed to a comfort/support issue, so that’s awesome. And it’s miles better than my old mattress.

Hello Wendy

Thank you for your feedback, and congratulations on your new mattress purchase!
I am happy to hear that it is going well so far! The Medium Talalay over Firm and Extra Firm Dunlop configuration is a great choice for you!
Your latex mattress will absolutely break in a bit over the first couple months. The materials in your cover encasement will loosen up some, offering a bit more contour. Overall I think you went with the right layer configuration! Please keep us posted as to how it goes! Congrats again!

I have the same problem you do and it sounds like sleep ez has the answer for both of us thanks for resolving my problem to you and sleep ez thats where i was looking to buy also.

Hello Shadow1212

I am happy to hear that this thread has helped you as well! Please feel free to jump in and ask any questions should you need assistance!