Layering Latex and Memory Foam

[sup]First, Thanks you for this website. What a wealth of info here. I almost bought a really crummy mattress before reading here for a few days and figuring out what /I should be looking for.

On to my question. I am getting ready to purchase foam to make a bed from, since it is cheaper then buying one an already made mattress from them. They suggested a 4" layer of their EverFlex™ V34 Medium-Firm foam for the base topped with a 4" 5.3lb layer of their memory foam.

In their clearence section they had 1" Natural Sense 100% natural latex topper. So I was considereing changing the memory foam to 3" and then putting this 1" of latex on top. I’m thinking it will give it a little nicer, morey spongey feel and will help to keep it a little cooler, not laying right on top of the memory foam ( I tend to be hot)

I search but did not find any info about layering latex on top of memory foam.

Is this a dumb idea? Or do you think it might make the mattress a little cooler and fluffier? Should I just go with 4" of memory foam

Any comments, thoughts or experience welcomed.

I am 6’3’ tall, about 270lbs and I sleep on my side. I am also moving from a waterbed (over 20yrs) becuase not it just kills my back and shoulders

Thanks in advance for any help given[/sup]

Hi RobD,

I don’t think this is a dumb idea at all. As a matter of fact, I’ve mentioned quite a few times on the forum that an inch or two of latex over a fairly thin layer of memory foam (in the range of 2") over latex is among my favorite types of layering (although it’s far more common the other way around with memory foam over a latex transition layer). The latex will slow down the speed that heat reaches and softens the memory foam and provides a more resilient and breathable surface that is a little more “on” the mattress and motion friendly than sleeping directly on memory foam by itself. It’s also quite common to see an inch or so of polyfoam in the quilting layers (also a faster response material) over memory foam for the same reasons.


Thank you for the quick reply.