I am looking to buy the 5th mattress in 7yrs… My husband and I are thinking about natural laytex. Not sure about shopping on line for our bed. Any advise would be apprecaited.

Hi Tina,

My first suggestion would be to research and find the better local manufacturers or retail outlets that sell latex and can help you make your best choices and test in person for what best meets your needs and preferences.

I would read this article which will help you avoid most of the worst choices when you are mattress shopping.

This article will help you recognize the better choices that are more knowledgeable and open about the mattresses they sell.

This article will help you know some of the differences between different types of latex.

I would first look locally because this can often lead to the best quality and value and the most suitable choices (it’s usually more accurate to buy something that you can personally test with the help of someone with knowledge and experience in “fitting” different people to different mattresses).

If there are no local choices that have the type of quality, value or choices that meet all your needs and preferences, then I would add online manufacturers to your research (such as those that are listed in post #21 here which are members of the site that specialize in online or “on the phone” purchases).

Even with an online purchase … some local testing can give you a better sense of your preferences which can help them to help you more effectively.

If you let me know the zip or city you live … I’d be happy to let you know any of the better manufacturers or better sleep shops I know of that are within reasonable driving distance.