Least amount of offgassing-latex mattress

Hi Phoenix,

My wife and I have been looking at organic mattresses for about a year, but we have not purchased one because of the $6k and up price tag for a king. Also an issue, is the lack of showroom availability. The closest store that has one (and they only have Savvy Rest) is about 2 hours away.

Any recommendations for other mattresses to look at that have less offgassing than a memory foam? We have considered the Sealy Optimum latex over foam ( I know it is not organic, but $3k price range is where we want to be), but I can’t find any information on whether or not that has less offgassing than an all memory foam mattress.

Our new mattress doesn’t have to be organic, but we do want something with as little offgassing as possible. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Olichar,

All the latex you are likely to encounter (either Dunlop or Talalay or made with natural or synthetic rubber or a blend of both) will have been tested to similar criteria (either Oeko-Tex or Eco-Institut) for harmful substances and VOC’s so I would consider any latex to be safe (see post #2 here). Latex hybrids such as the Sealy Optimum also contain other materials such as the polyfoam used in the base layer which may have more VOC’s than the latex. If polyfoam is CertiPur certified then it would also have been tested for harmful substances and VOC’s and while the testing protocol isn’t as stringent as Oeko-Tex or Eco-Institut, for most people it would also be “safe enough”. There are no “all memory foam” mattresses since memory foam is only used in comfort and transition layers.

Outside of knowing the specific results of any testing that has been done on a material there is no way to quantify the specific amount of VOC’s that may be coming from any material but in very general terms … out of the three main types of foam material … for those that are more sensitive or have health conditions such as MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) the highest odds that they may be sensitive to a foam material would be with memory foam, followed by polyfoam, and the lowest odds would be with latex. There is more information in post #2 here and the posts it links to that may be helpful for those that are trying to research the confusing and complex issues that can help them answer “how safe is safe enough for me?”.

The tutorial post includes this link to a list of the members here that sell mattresses online and many of these sell all latex and/or latex hybrid mattresses that use different types and blends of latex that have a wide range of designs, options, prices, and return or exchange policies that would be well worth considering and would be better quality/value than the Sealy Optimum…

If you let me know your city or zip code I’d also be happy to let you know if there are any other options or possibilities i’m aware of in your area.


Thanks Phoenix. We reside in the Tampa/Orlando area.

Hi Olichar,

Subject to the guidelines here … the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Tampa/St Petersburg/Clearwater areas are in post #143 here and in the Orlando area are in post #2 here.



Thank you for all of your input. I was wondering if we could get one last piece of advice. I have not really been able to find a price range for PLB Nature with a 2" topper ( other than PLB’s website). I went to one of the stores you recommend (www.mattressavenue.com) and a PLB Nature-king with a 2" topper is $5k (including taxes). Thoughts?

Olichar, that price is sky high compared to what we just paid (2 wks ago) at matt-to-go.com (member). We ordered the PLB Nature cal king for about $2,200, delivered, no tax, set-up included. Jeff, the owner, is awesome to work with.

Hi Olichar,

The listed prices of the PLB mattresses have MAP pricing (minimum advertised pricing) and there are some dealers that sell them for this but dealers are allowed to sell for less as long as they don’t advertise it and they are certainly available for much less than the prices you are mentioning.

There are some PLB dealers that will ship across the country in post #32 here that you can call to use as a reference point but as Tahoegirl mentioned I would start by giving Jeff a call at Matt-To-Go.