Leaving a new mattress rolled up for several months

I purchased a new mattress several months ago, and it is the type that has a reflex foam base, with a memory foam centre and a layer of latex foam at the top. It came rolled up, and this was my first time ever with this type of mattress. I haven’t unpacked it yet because of other things going on.

Do you think my mattress will be fine to sleep on even though it’s been rolled up for several months? I didn’t realise until recently that manufacturers recommend leaving the mattress rolled up for a max of 4-8 weeks.

Hi cornishninja,

The effect of longer term compression would depend to some degree on the temperature and humidity during storage and on how long it was compressed. The manufacturer would be more familiar that I am about the effects of longer compression on the specific foams they use than I am but the only way to really know for sure would be to decompress it to see if it’s OK.