Lebeda Latex, Pure Latex Bliss Nutrition - Any have one? Feedback?

Just visited several mattress stores today with the better half (my wife). It appears we have narrowed down our options to the following:

Pure Latex Bliss - Nutrition
2 inches of climate control latex, 2 inches pressure relieving natural talalay latex, 6 inches talalay latex support core.
Located at Mattress Depot in Bloomington, IL. Only a 30 day sleep guarantee with exchange only…no refund.
Unfortunately, this store was very dirty and wreaked of smoke. My wife says only way she will order through these folks if the mattress never enters their store :-).

Lebeda’s latex bed
This only has 6 inches of talalay latex…and I don’t know what the other 2 inches of the matrex that surround this latex are…sales person didn’t know. The latex ILD is 32 and Density is 4.1 (not sure if it is all natural or blended…made by Latex Int in Shelton CT). This store only had one all latex bed.
Located at Lebeda in Bloomington, IL. Only a 30 day sleep guarantee with exchange only…no refund. I suspect they may customize as well (add layers, but salesperson didn’t know).

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme or Tempurpedic Weighless Supreme
Tempur foam that I have no clue what is in the mattress. Weightless has similar qualities of latex as it is more responsive than the foam in the Cloud. Not sure I am sold on this with the fear of “sleeping hot”.
Located at Mattress Firm in Bloomington, IL. 100 night sleep guarantee…exchange or refund. Seems a little too good to be true.

Anyone have any additional information on these mattresses they want to share with their personal experiences, especially the Pure Bliss and the Lebeda Latex?


Hi unislick,

As you can see in post #1 here and the information, steps, and guidelines it links to … two of your options provide the information you need to make meaningful assessments and are what I would call good quality and “fair value” choices (perhaps not the “best” value but fair value nonetheless) but the Tempurpedic is in the group of mattresses that I would call “poor value” compared to many other options that you have (regardless of the quality of the materials). I would also not consider a mattress or manufacturer where you are not able to find out the specifics of the quality of the materials it contains (such as Tempurpedic who won’t provide you with this information about the Cloud Supreme or the Weightless Supreme) so you can’t make any meaningful comparisons with other mattresses that use similar quality materials but have much better “value”.

You can see the specs of the Nature here and the Lebeda uses a 6" core of the same type of blended latex as the Nature but is two sided (you can sleep on both sides of the mattress) which is a “value bonus” and has a thin layer )probably in the 1" range) of quilting foam on both sides (within the guidelines I would normally use as acceptable which is around an inch or less).

Forum searches on “Pure Latex Bliss Nature” and on “Lebeda” (you can just click both of these) will bring up more information and some member feedback about both of them.


Looked all over for quality mattress with Latex which with all my research shows the highest value and quality as well as longevity of material. Went to every major mattress manufacturer to see what was best. I thought the REVE with 6 in of Talalay high density foam was the best. The salesman gave me the den city numbers which were very good. It was on a individual coiled springs triple tempered I believe 12-14 gage covered with organic bamboo. I knew I didn’t want an all latex or memory bed because that would be a huge step from a traditional mattress. So I chose the hybrid as I call it. The selling point was that I have a hand I sleep on that got busted up a few yrs ago in a horse accident. This bed took that pain point out so I decided to go with it from Lebeda. Really nice bed but pricey at 2800. But looking at some other beds of similar quality it was cheaper by far. The materials were top shelf and the wife and I loved it she’s a side sleeper and I’m a belly sleeper so a couple extremes. But it was better than anything I laid in for 3 days of laying on everything. There was a all foam bed that was comfortable but I was afraid it would get to soft but liked it at Colony house. Will let everyone know but the latex over inter spring bed seems the logical choice. Straight latex and memory foam was to hard. Took a while but felt like the best material plus at lebeda they ask what size of bedsprings foundation we wanted custom . The mattress is 16 in so instead of the standard 9 in foundation we chose a 5 in to keep the bed the same height as present so we don’t fall off and get hurt.

Hi cuttinchief,

Latex / innerspring hybrids can make a great choice and it’s the type of mattress that some of the most knowledgeable people I know (that could choose anything they wanted) sleep on.

Of course this is a preference but this type of mattress can be a very good quality and very comfortable choice.

I’m also glad you found Lebeda and they are certainly one of the options I would consider in any of the areas where they have a showroom.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to share your feedback when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it for a bit … and thanks for sharing your experience.


Just wanted to add on the spring numbers that are listed at 805 . I ask about this and he told me that 805 is for their full size beds. He said they add 200 springs per step so a queen would have 1005 and a king 1205 just info from my research.

Sorry to resurrect this thread from 2014 but figured I’d tag on this thread instead of starting a new one. I’ve read through a few posts that deals with my mission of looking for a bed in eastern Iowa.

My wife(5’10 150lb and expecting) and I (5’10 and 200lb) are standard build. We’ve been trying on a bunch of different mattress for the past few months. We’ve been to Midwest Mattress and tried out a bunch and ended up liking a really expensive Restonic bed but after reading reviews of how they may have a durability issue decided to keep looking.

The bed we’ve both loved is the Reve from Lebeda. It offered both of us the best support and comfort. I thought the top layer could’ve been just a bit softer so my shoulders would sink in just a bit more. They had a latex topper in the showroom and I laid it over the Reve and it felt just about perfect. We also tried out the 6" Talalay mattress they had in the past and thought it was a bit firm. We both ranked the Opulence and Reve above the 6" Talaylay. We thought the Opulence was a just a bit too firm and liked the Reve better.

We then proceeded to Denver Mattress Factory and tried out the Aspen and the Telluride Plush and though both of them were just a bit too firm and still liked the Reve we tried on earlier that day.

We aren’t opposed to spending the $3500 to get the Lebeda Reve but wondering if there are any options for an all latex bed that would give us the same feel. We are planning on getting adjustable power bases. Any recommendation on a quality one?
Should we look local and see if there’s a company that will copy the same bed for cheaper? Should we look for an all latex bed to imitate the Reve to see if we can go all latex? Should we just stop looking and get the Reve??? I’m not opposed to having coils in the bed but thought maybe an all latex bed would be more durable.

We aren’t working with a budget. Just want a comfortable bed with adjustable base.

After reading details about the Reve there’s one point you should keep in mind. I noticed that in its standard configuration it incorporates a conventional innerspring unit with a steel border rod, but that they do offer it in a modified build as an adjustable friendly mattress. Just be sure that you are able to test that exact version since you’re planning on using it with an adjustable base and the modified model is likely to have a different feel than the standard one. You’d also want to try it out the way you’d be using it since such layered designs can tend to bunch up and shift in unusual ways when being adjusted to non-flat positions. It looks like a quality built and luxuriously plush mattress, hope it works out well for you! All the best, - Bill