Leggett & Platt bed connecting kit

You helped me decide on a pair of mattresses and adjustable bases. I’d like to return the favor by sharing this information about L&P bed connecting kits.

I bought the mattresses from Sleep EZ. They’ve arrived and are safely in three boxes awaiting the arrival of the two L&P bases. There’s a bit of a story there, we were going to buy locally, then we had a pricing conflict and decided to buy online, but ultimately, the local dealer was able to accommodate and the beds are on order. Two twin XL S-Cape 2.0 furniture style. They tried to order the connecting kit 4B1792 as well but have since reported that the kit no longer works with the 2017 model bases. L&P has told them that new connecting brackets need to be designed and crafted and will be available later. I do not know what makes these simple angle iron straps “no longer compatible”. When the beds arrive in another week or so, I’m hopeful I can craft something myself to keep our new king size bed together. If you look at what they consist of, it can’t be that complicated. I can’t imagine how there could be a problem unless it’s the frame around the furniture style bases that interferes.

Hi Ray,

Thank you for the update about the adjustable bed brackets. My guess is it has to do with the diameter at the top of the furniture-style leg where it screws into the bed frame. I’m guessing, as you mentioned, it certainly wouldn’t be too difficult to fabricate something on your own once you have the bases.

And congratulations on your new SleepEZ mattresses! :cheer: You certainly made a good quality/value choice, and I’ll be interested in learning about your new mattresses once you get you adjustable bed bases and have a chance to sleep upon them for a while.