Lightweight side sleeper struggling with DIY build

I’m 5’5" 130 lbs. Side sleeper 70% of the time, 30% back.

I have coils, a foam base and various different ILD toppers and still can’t dial in my build. Most configurations are either so soft that my hips are sinking in when I’m on my back or so firm that my shoulder doesn’t sink in when side sleeping.

Components I have:

8" Quantum Edge coils
6" HD36-HQ foam core
2" 20 ILD SOL soft latex
2" 13 ILD Energex
2" 18 ILD Energex
2" 12 ILD Serene
2" 10 ILD Memory Foam (cheap low density foam from Amazon)

My favorite configuration so far has been 13 ILD Energex → 12 ILD Serene → 8" QE coils. This combination feels the most plush, almost similar to a pillowtop feel which I love. I think it’s a little too soft though because I get some back pain if I end up on my back throughout the night, but if I use the 18 ILD Energex as a transition layer with either the 12 ILD Serene or 13 ILD Energex I don’t get enough pressure relief.

What am I supposed to do? I’m looking for a bit more support, and pressure relief.

The 10 ILD memory foam was useless in every configuration since it compressed to nothing. Never really been a fan of memory foam anyway. I didn’t like the SOL soft latex either. Too firm, too much pushback and changed the feel of the mattress drastically.

Something interesting. I will say every configuration felt significantly more firm with the 6" HD36 base, and I often see people recommend foam instead of the 8" coils for lightweights which I find odd. I prefer the coils by far. They are much softer and more contouring. The foam base makes the mattress feel dead and hard.

So I was thinking of trying a 1" layer of 24-28 ILD polyfoam on top of the coils to add a bit more support and dampen the feel of the coils when I sink further into the softer foams, and adding a layer of convoluted foam on top for more pressure relief.

I think my next build will look something like this

1.5" or 2.5" 12 ILD convoluted foam
2" 12 ILD Serene or 13 ILD Energex
1" 24-28 ILD polyfoam
8" QE coils

Is there a significant difference between 1" and 2" of polyfoam? Like for example will 1" of 24 ILD polyfoam feel much softer than 24 ILD because it’s only 1"? Should I aim for 28-30 ILD if I use a 1" transition layer?

Also, how much different is Energex and traditional polyfoam? I thought 18 ILD was usually classified as ‘soft’ foam but I get a lot of pushback from the 18 ILD Energex. Even the 13 ILD Energex has some bounce. Will 18 ILD polyfoam feel softer than 18 ILD Energex?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Hi nightwish.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

We have a number of DIYers who may be able to chime in with some of their hands on experience. While I was reading through your post and seeing your preferred configuration so far, I thought maybe, just maybe reducing the 2" 18 Energex to 1" could be a solution or, alternatively, a 3" 13 or 3"12 to make sure you’re getting the pressure relief without too much firmness.

Some people like the way that feels. I too prefer coils.

This is similar to what I was thinking - adding 1" of foam somewhere in there to increase support. I have found there is indeed a difference between 1, 2 and 3 inches of foam (which sounds crazy right?) but if I’m on a 3" topper I swear I can’t move. 1" tends to get the job done without creating too much sinkage.

I can’t say since I’ve never put the 2 side by side - maybe an experienced DIYer will chime in. Some folks feel that Energex performs better over all than typical polyfoam.

Hoping this helps some and of course feel free to come back with questions!