Limited selection in stores

Have found very limited selection of latex in Mpls stores, so choosing firmness is a challenge, Was able to try a 6" 36 ILD Talalay which felt about perfect, except I did not care for the Jello’e sensation. Thus, thinking Dunlop would be more suitable.
I preferred the talalay with a stretch cotton cover vs. a quilted wool one… Is it safe to say
9" of 36ILD Dunlop would be comparable to the 6" of 36 Talalay.? I will be ordering online.

Hi tulipgirl73,

There are a fair number of options in the Minneapolis area where you can try latex and latex hybrid mattresses that use both Talalay and Dunlop. The better options and possibilities I’m aware of are listed in post #2 here.

They probably wouldn’t be directly comparable for most people because of …

  1. The difference in the feel and response of Dunlop vs Talalay. There is more about the differences between them in post #7 here.

  2. The difference in thickness. You can read more about the effect of thickness in post #14 here.

  3. Differences in the ILD ranges and variances between Dunlop and Talalay and because the ILD of different types and blends of latex isn’t directly comparable in terms of how firm they feel to different people. There is more about this in post #6 here.

When there are several differences between two mattresses it becomes much more difficult and subjective to guess how they may feel and compare for any specific person because different people would probably have different opinions that may contradict each other. The most reliable way to know how they would compare for you would be based on your own personal sleeping experience although I can say that both of them would be firmer than most people would choose (although of course a firmer mattress may be “perfect” for you).