Linen Spa Mattress Protector review

I purchased the Linen Spa Mattress Protector from amazon approx. $29.00. It was suggested by Bobp in this forum. It’s cotton stretch knit type with waterproof membrane. It has a soft terry cloth top.
My concerns were the feel as well as the sound waterproofing typically causes. Im happy to report that you dont feel the terrycloth through the sheets and you dont really hear that “crikinly” sound from the membrane while moving unless you slide across it from one end to the other. I use it on a latex mattress. Im still in the comfort stage of my new mattress and wanted to buy something inexpensive to protect the warranty. It doesnt affect the feel of the latex much. I wasnt expecting much but im very pleased. I do find that latex does sleep warmer than my innercoil mattress so Im still looking for a wool cover or prrotector that wont affect the latex should I stay with the latex mattress which is The Pure Latex Bliss Beautiful model.