Local / best mattress stores near the NYC / NJ area?


I recently moved to the big city and have been interested in buying a good mattress. Without knowing any better, I went to Mattress Firm and got sold into an S brand mattress, now looking to return within trial period and just pay the fees. I paid around 1300 for the mattress from BeautyRest and I really thought paying more would solve the problem, but not in this industry. My previous 2 mattresses were priced 200 (some random brand from 10-20 years ago), then 400 (used purple original from a friend), so I thought it’d be time for an upgrade in comfort.

My biggest concern is no longer comfort but now sagging and overall durability, which have already occurred with my original purple mattress and beautyrest pressuresmart or something (low-mid end), and based on what I’ve been reading, all modern mattresses, especially S brands, sag or develop bad body impressions easily, my beautyrest is already getting at least 1-inch body impressions within weeks of purchase. I can’t handle this as a combination sleeper - what ends up happening is back sleeping eventually becomes a non-option as it sags and hurts my spine, but side sleeping still works as the sides require less support or firmness.

Since I sleep on back and sides so it’s very hard to find the perfect mattress, one of those positions is going to suffer but overall I can sleep on the side on very hard mattresses, but if the mattress is sagging or too soft, I cannot sleep on the back, so firm mattresses and most importantly ones that don’t sag, is preferred to give me the flexibility of each sleeping position even if the side sleeping may hurt a little bit - it’s fine.

I love hotel mattresses but was told never to buy a hotel mattress as it is marked up and doesn’t have good terms, or that hotels make cheap mattresses comfortable through other means.
I love my family’s old home mattresses from 10-20 years ago, they were cheap and still staying strong after decades - mostly innerspring, double-sided mattresses which apparently aren’t sold anymore as companies want to churn out more mattresses. I want the stability of not having to get a new mattresses every few months or years.

So this leads me to look for a local, possibly family-owned mattress store that I can trust.
Any advice on stores in this area or what I should do.

I’m so glad I found this site before I would have maybe gone to do a mattress firm exchange or buy a more expensive mattress to try and make it more durable.

Thanks in advance!

Hi JayRandom.

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With combination sleeping it is usually wise to choose a comfort layer that is a little thinner than your “deepest” sleeping position would normally require (typically side sleeping) and then choose a support layer underneath that helps you to sink in a little extra when you need it. A middle layer or “transition layer” can be especially useful for those who sleep in multiple positions and it can help you to sink in enough to help with pressure relief and also help keep you from sinking down too far and causing back issues. Innerspring designs that are more conforming like pocket coils or offset coils or different foams that are softer on top and become firmer faster when they are compressed (such as latex) also make very good choices here.

Many will buy firm bases that they top with a medium or plush topper that is frequently disposed of and replaced. If you’ve happened to look, have you noticed if the hotel mattresses you like are innerspring/hybrid types?

If you haven’t already, we definitely suggest taking a look at our Durability Guidelines to help you get an idea of what might be most durable for your body type.

We have this article on how to choose a quality retailer and of course we always recommend our Trusted Members - one of whom is in New Jersey (Shovlin Mattress)

If you find a mattress locally you’d like help evaluating, we’re here for you!


Thank you so much for a detailed advice. I’m really looking towards local stores right now and it makes sense what you say about needing a smaller comfort layer. I’ve found that even if side sleeping is not the most comfortable on harder beds with thinner comfort layer, it sure beats not being able to back sleep at all on some of the more “comfortable” beds I’ve had. Body impressions are the worst and they seem typical in most major brands nowadays. The sagging requirement is also too much, seems like most people are unable to claim their warranties and get stuck with poor mattresses.

Unfortunately, I’m trying to get out of the situation I have with Mattress Firm, I’m still within the return window but the fees are tremendous and due to “policy”, parts of the bed can’t be returned.

I just want to get out of this mistake, head to Shovlin, a safer haven, and warn my friends of Mattress Firm.

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