Local mattress manufacturer around Louisville, KY?

would like to find a local manufacturer around Louisville, Ky. Looking for a latex topped mattress, could have an hr foam core or even springs to reduce cost. My wife wants a firm mattress but I would like aa bit more comfort in the top layer. I was loking at the Serta icomfort 10 inch and also the iseries, which has the gel foam on top of springs because we liked the feel and prices, but after reading here would prefer something with better longevity.

Hi bobfrog12,

Post #3 here includes the better options I’m aware of in the Louisville, KY area.

There are certainly some good outlets and people there to work with who can help you find the combination of materials that would be the best fit for both of you.

I hope you have a chance to share your experiences and feedback and of course if you have any questions along the way they are always welcome :slight_smile:


PS: I switched your post to a new thread to make it easier for other from Louisville to find.