Local quality outlet for 37412?

Hi, New to the forum and I’m hoping to get a little advice on a place to start my look for the perfect mattress for myself.

I purchased a memory foam mattress from Amazon.com (Sleep Innovations 10") and it’s just not working. My back and hips ache on a daily basis.

Anyhooo enough blind purchasing for me. Gladly I’ve came upon this site and it looks like after reading over some threads that I need to find a quality outlet. I’m living in the Chattanooga, TN. area 37412. Where is the best place to start out? I have a Mattress Firm near by… is that advised?

Hi TheFrisbee,

I would completely avoid Mattress Firm (along the lines of these guidelines which will help you avoid most of the worst choices and focus on the better ones).

The better choices or possibilities I’m aware of in the Chattanooga area are listed in post #2 here.

Hope this helps and feel free to post with any questions you may have along the way :slight_smile: