Local retailer in Delaware?

Purchased 2 Stearns and Foster mattresses in June, 2012. Today (April 11, 2013) the first one is being replaced by the retailer as it has sagged at their (required) depth of 1.5 inches. Not even a year old! The second one is not far behind, but I believe that is due to a much smaller person using that bed. Happily, the retailer has been very pleasant and helpful about the situation.

Frustration led me to start educating myself and found this site. So, before I replace the 2nd mattress, I am curious to see if there is a local retailer in my area I might want to check out.

State of Delaware, zip code is 19711.

Thanks for the site and info!

Hi artgirl0330,

Post #4 here should help.

The information, steps, and guidelines in post #1 here should also help if you haven’t read them.