lol I just wanted a new bed...


Hello All! And Pheonix!

I have been doing a lot of research on here…hours and hours…hitting all of Pheonix’s links (post # 2 here, this article there), and I think I have an idea of what to get…

Reason for getting new bed: Boyfriend moves a lot in his sleep sometimes, and gets up early (5:30am) for work…this wakes me up and I can’t get back to sleep. So stability is an issue. Also, I wanted a bigger more comfy bed. The queen size seems good.

Me: 5’4 145 lbs, sleep halfway between side and stomach mostly, very little on my back.

Dear Boyfriend: 6’3 165 lbs, he sleeps mostly on his side and some on his back.

I am in social work, he is an asst mgr at a large department store that you’ve all heard of. We both work very difficult hard jobs, and need good sleep!!!

So…yeah I messed up and got a sealy. It sucks and will be going back ASAP. But it helped me figure out that I want a soft ultra plush feel. I will keep the box spring from it, b/c I doubt I will find one cheaper. And yes I want a box spring for the height. Platform bed is out, I know I will stub my toes.

Best setup I ever had was: when I got home from the Army I bought an ultra cheap spring mattress and then covered it with a few egg crate things and a $200 Ralph Lauren 5 inch thick feather bed. LOVED IT! But over time the feathers move and blah blah…

So now I have figured out that I want SOFT…I mean SOFT. Cushy. Sink into it. Give. Heaven.

I have ruled out memory foam b/c the sag worries me and he sleeps hot.

I am thinking of getting another firm cheapy spring mattress with a thinish foam layer (either on the mattress or I will buy one), and then putting a talalay 19ILD 3 inch topper on it from brooklyn bedding, If necessary I will get a decent foam layer from walmart for between the mattress and latex layer. I must admit I the foam pad I had on our last bed really was alright, but the size and overall setup didnt offer much stability.

If I hate the latex, or want softer, I can exchange with Brooklyn for the 14 ILD. We cannot afford a whole latex mattress at this time. We only have about $750 to work with, which would cover the talalay, a cheapy mattress, and possibly a foam layer. I dont mind replacing pads every few years.

Thoughts? lol let me have it!

Hi leaswim,

I’m glad to see you’ve done some good initial research but I would also make sure that the two of you set aside enough time to test mattresses together so you can translate the research into your own personal experience. some good local testing is one of the most important parts of the process regardless of whether you actually purchase locally or online.

Memory foam is the best material at motion transfer but as you mentioned you’ve ruled it out so latex, polyfoam, and pocket coils would also make good choices but again your own personal testing will be the best judge about which mattress meets your criteria. Just make sure you are familiar with the feel of the material in any mattress you choose.

My one caution with this would be to make sure that the support layers in the mattress keep you in good alignment (meaning the support layers are firm enough and the comfort layers aren’t too thick and soft"). Soft in the comfort layers is one thing but I would make sure that you have “just enough softness” and no more because you can always make a mattress that is too firm softer but you can’t make a mattress that is too soft firmer and more supportive without replacing layers and alignment issues and the back pain and discomfort that can go with it are not fun.

I would also try as much as possible to only deal with one variable at a time and work towards a mattress that is as close as possible by itself. That way if you do need a topper then you can make your choice based on your actual experience on the mattress so you are working with only one “variable” at a time. A “cheapie” innerspring mattress may also not be the best choice in terms of motion transfer.

A thick down or down alternative topper or featherbed can always be added for the soft “feel” you seem to like without much risk to alignment.

I would also make sure you have read post #1 here and have followed the steps one at a time so your choice is based as much as possible on your actual experience (again making sure you test mattresses together) more than theory.