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Have been looking in the London area for latex mattress with little luck. Found a small retailer that does custom latex for $2500-4000 but my concern is they clue the layered latex together so you have no ability to change out layers in the future. My other choice is in the Kitchener area but it is a little pricey 3200-5000. I have read your earlier article concerning southwestern Ontario but was hoping for an updated list of local suppliers.


You might want to reach out to the general forum since I have no idea about who’s in the Ontario region. I can say that we often ship to Ontario but as you might expect the shipping costs are pretty high. It’s usually around $320 U.S. to ship a King or Queen latex mattress to your area but we have done it over a hundred times before.

I thought this was the right forum

Hello Sandman1964,
Thank you for visiting The Mattress Underground. Your options for latex mattresses from traditional retail shopping in the London, Ontario Canada are limited. You may want to visit Sleep Country Canada as they carry Natura. If your options are open to consider online latex mattress companies based in Canada, you may want to consider TMU trusted members Dormio Organic Beds, and MFC,
Boxing Day Sales from all Canada based companies may provide you the best pricing across all channels.

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Have you ever heard of gluing latex layers?

Hello Sandman1964,
Yes, the use of water-based latex glue to glue latex layers, and foam layers, is a very common practice. Environmentally-friendly and odorless, latex glue can be applied applied through a number of methods. A company like Simalfa ( is the category leader in North America.
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