Long time reader, first time poster. Getting confused by all of the options.

Thanks for the awesome site. I have spent the last 4 months reading and thought today would be a good day to join int conversation for some advice. My wife and I are looking for our first mattress (we have been sleeping on a 15 year old posturepedic handed down from the family). You saved us from the “amazing sales” at Mattress Firm. Though the retails shopping experience did show us that we like memory foam mattresses.

We visited SleepWorld here in Austin, but left feeling like Bob really did not care to help us (perhaps we caught him on a bad day?). We have tried several mattresses and like have 3-4inches of comfort layers over the varying density base layers. We like a softer feel with enough support for a 230lb side sleeper (me not her… :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I would like to purchase from one of our member companies to support good business. Our budget for a King is limited to approximately $1000. I think we would fall into the value shopper category until I finish grad school, but our mattress is sagging and causing back pain.

It is hard to tell any major difference in how these might feel. Do you have any advice to offer?

The Sundance seems like an excellent value from RMM, but I’m not sure how the convoluted foam effects the feel.

This one seems to be similar with the 4lb foam, but I have no idea what layers the base is made of in this case.

This one from Brooklyn Bedding also seems similar.

This is not on the members list, but other posts have mentioned it as a good value. Probably with the Aerus for a little extra softness compared to the Sensus.

I appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!

Impalpable (Scott)

Hi Impalpable,

Welcome to the site :slight_smile:

That’s certainly surprising to me. I know that Bob can be “direct” when he talks to people but I have never seen him to be “disinterested”. They have some very good quality and value mattresses available so hopefully this was an anomaly and I would certainly talk to him again to see if a second time is any better.

I think that your best option with the other choices you have mentioned would be to talk with each manufacturer directly about the specific mattresses they offer. My role is more to to “link” you with the better choices I’m aware of but they would be much better at providing the details of their specific mattresses and how they may feel and perform for any particular person than I would and I am not the best source for this type of information. I’ve never personally tried any of the mattresses you are mentioning but they not only design and make them but have tried them all and have a customer base that they can use as a reference point as well.

All of these are good quality and value choices.

A few generic comments …

The Sundance seems like an excellent value from RMM, but I’m not sure how the convoluted foam effects the feel.

Convoluted foam is softer than the same foam in the same ILD in a non convoluted layer. It would be softer initially (as the convolutions were compressing) but then get firmer faster as you sink into the non convoluted part of the layer but as with all mattresses every layer interacts with all the other layers and components to produce the feel and performance of the mattress and convoluted polyfoam can come in many different firmness levels (just like non convoluted layers). They also have some component memory foam mattresses where the layers can be re-arranged here.

[quote]This one seems to be similar with the 4lb foam, but I have no idea what layers the base is made of in this case.

Acellaflex is a tradename for polyfoam. In this case I believe it’s 2.1 lb density but I would ask Ken here to make sure.

This one from Brooklyn Bedding also seems similar.

Yes … the layering is similar and the base foam is 2.35 lbs but the memory foam is a gel memory foam. There are also no returns or exchanges on this mattress so I would keep this in mind as part of your “value equation”.

[quote]This is not on the members list, but other posts have mentioned it as a good value. Probably with the Aerus for a little extra softness compared to the Sensus.

They actually are a member of this site as you can see here. I’m not sure if they can replace the Sensus with Aerus though (they may not have Aerus available) but you can certainly check with them when you talk with them (they focus mainly on latex mattresses).

When it comes to specifics about the mattresses offered by any particular manufacturer or retailer though … they are always the best source of information.

You are looking at some good memory foam options though :slight_smile:


Wow. Thank you for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

I made a mistake on my last mattress posted (hazard of having 27 tabs open).

http://www.sleepwarehouse.com/memory-foam-mattress.aspx was the company that is not not a member. They are the one that has the ability to switch Sensus with Aerus. They were mentioned on the forum several times and seemed to offer value.

I think both the RMM CoolSleep and Sensus Sleep 9in look like a great options (thank you for sharing the link). A similar option at our local manufacturer is 60% more, so the value is amazing. We like a cooler feel, so the CoolSleep might have an edge.

I have to travel for the next week, but will hit the search trail again when I get back. I’ll give RMM a call and talk through their options as recommended. I’ll probably also call sleep warehouse, though I would like to stick with members as previously mentioned.

Thanks again!


Hi Phoenix and Underground Members,

I spoke with RMM about the Sundance and the “build your own” options. I could use some feedback about these two options.

Sundance Model

Top Layer 3.3" of four pound Bayer Softcel Memory Foam with 12 IFD
Middle layer 3" Air Flow 1.8 Density with 36 IFD-but being convoluted the IFD is probably around 28
Bottom layer 3.7" of Bayer Ultracel Support Foam 1.8 Density with 36 IFD
Luxury FiberLux microfiber sewn hypoallergenic cover

Coolsleep Model

3" 4lb Aerus Foam 12 to 14 IFD
3" High-density reflex foam 30ILD
3" High-density reflex foam 35ILD
DuPont Coolmax zipped cover

These seem almost identical, except for the first option having an extra inch of foam, using convoluted, and the layers being laminated together. Both were said to offer a medium firm feel and good support (I’m a 220 side sleeper). I guess it might be good to have the option to switch around the layers, but losing the extra inch of foam seems significant.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Even with all of my reading, I am unsure which might have the advantage. The price is about the same. Thanks!


Hi impalpable,

Both of these choices are good ones and I think it would boil down to a matter of preference based on what is most important to you rather than a “better worse” choice. I don’t think one has a clear dvantage over the other (which is typical because the “value” is usually similar across a manufacturer’s lineup.

The Sundance has an extra .3" of memory foam which may make a slight difference but the extra .7" of polyfoam in the base won’t make much difference at all. Each type of memory foam can also have a slightly different feel and response than a different type as well (in terms of temperature response, breathability, recovery time) which could also make a difference for some people (they will be able to tell you more about how the two memory foams compare in case you may have a preference of one type over another)

Finally … the base layers will also make a difference in the feel and performance of the mattress and having the ability to choose, re-arrange, or even exchange the base polyfoam layers will give you some degree of control over the feel and support of the mattress.

In the end this is really a tradeoff between a two mattresses that have very similar “value”. One that has a little more of the “ingredients” and another one that has more ability to customize or even change down the road if you need to do any fine tuning. I would choose between them based on your own preferences and which of the benefits are most important to you.


Hey Impalpable

Did you end up getting the Sundance or the Coolsleep? If so, what do you think of it so far? I’ve been thinking about getting one of them, and wanted to see what your experience was so far. Thanks.

Hi adidastb11,

I ended up getting the Sensus Sleep 9in. I’ve had some issues with my order, so I haven’t been able to sleep on it yet. I will post an update in the next day or two, once the issues have been resolved.


I am considering the same options. Thanks for the post and follow up.

My apologies for the late update on this. I ended up having issues with my order, so it took a few weeks to receive my mattress.

Here is a summary:

I ended up choosing the Sensus Sleep 9in over the Sundance. I did this for three reasons:

1.) I wasn’t sure how the convoluted foam would hold up over time.
2.) I know the Sensus 5lb foam is very durable and supportive.
3.) I wanted to be able to change around the layers in the future, and the build your own allows for that.

I ordered the Sensus and had some trouble with the extra discount I was supposed to receive for being part of the underground. After several emails, Phoenix was able to resolve the issue. There were several other communication breakdowns in the ordering process because the sales department was short staffed. I never received an expected delivery date or shipping confirmation. I also had to try and reach out to RMM several times because no information was being sent to me. I received conflicting information from the sales team via phone (i.e. My mattress would ship in a few days, and then it arrived the next day without warning). Sadly, they included the wrong size of coolmax cover and then took a week to get me the correct size (after I called and emailed 2 times). I was not able to assemble or use the mattress while it didn’t have a cover to hold it together. This whole ordeal took about 3 weeks.

Thankfully, a manager named Dave finally took over and cleared everything up. He also gave me a small extra discount and an extra in of base foam for my trouble. I think the moral of this whole situation is to speak with a manager if anything starts to go sideways with RMM. Dave was very apologetic and showed genuine concern for correcting the issues.

Okay, so now lets get to the mattress. Initially, I was very frustrated by the assembly process. The foam layers come in separate boxes and you have to guess at how they should be assembled. It was a pain to get them all stacked (memory foam is heavy and I am a pretty strong guy). Then you need to get the case around the layers and hope they don’t shift around when you try to flip and zip the case (they did… 5 times). I recommend having a friend to help you flip the mattress. It would be far easier with two people. If you don’t want to fight with the layers, I suggest getting one of the pre-made laminated mattresses like the Sundance.

We have been sleeping on the new mattress for a few months and it has been good. My wife likes it far more than I do, but that is a win in my book. It was a little warm for a few days, but we quickly adjusted. I think the coolmax cover really helps. We also have a steel wire platform, so it breathes well. You do not sink into the mattress like one might expect. It takes a few minutes for the foam to warm up and then it slowly molds around you. It is fairly soft once it warms up. This is not ultra firm, but feels supportive. My back does feel better in the mornings, and I don’t think I move much at night. It is 10x better than my old Sealy spring mattress. I definitely feel like I am getting a better night’s sleep.

Overall, the Sensus9 (10 including my free layer of base 35) seems like a great value. If you make sure to stay on top of the sales team and are prepared for the foam assembly, then this mattress is a good choice. There is no way I will take the cover off of this thing to switch layers in the future, so that reason for buying it is null. If you don’t want the hassle, then get something with laminated layers or purchase from a local mattress manufacturer. Packing this thing up for a return would be a nightmare, so plan ahead. I hope this has been helpful.

Kindest Regards,


Hi Impalpable,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed update :slight_smile:

I think you are one of the few people I have ever heard of over the years say anything but good things about the customer service at Rocky Mountain who are normally very efficient and thorough and it seems that you were caught in the process of training a new customer service rep. I’m glad that everything was resolved even though you did have to go through a few hoops.

As you discovered … the process of putting a component mattress together is also normally a 2 person job (like the similar layered latex mattresses that are a popular choice on the site). The big advantage is that you can just re-arrange or exchange layers to customize the feel and performance after a purchase rather than exchanging the whole mattress and starting all over again. Once you get the hang of it (such as “waving” the layers into place and folding down the cover) then it’s fairly simple and there are many people who are quite happy that they chose a component approach to their mattress (and have become quite proficient at re-arranging layers in their fine tuning process). It also allows you to just replace a single layer if one layer softens or wears out before the others.

In any case … I’m happy that you ended up with a mattress that fits your needs and preferences and your wife even more so it seems.

Thanks again for sharing your experience and feedback.