Looking for a firmer coil unit for a DIY build

Greetings, People of the Mattress! I’m looking for some advice on how to find a firmer coil unity for a queen size DIY build I’m working on.

In trying out different mattresses, I’ve found the coils I prefer are on the firmer side. The ones I liked most were 8" pocket coil units that had 910 coils in the queen. They were 14.5 g coils with 13.5 g on the edges. I’m wondering if it’s possible to source a coil unit with a similar firmness. I’ve heard Bolsa leans more plush and the combi zone coils aren’t quite as firm as I’m looking for either. But when I look at the options available from the couple of places I know of that sell coil units for DIY purposes, the Quantum Edge Elite Bolsa and Combi-zone are primarily what I see.

Any advice on where I should be looking if I want a firmer coil unit?

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You could take a look at these.

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You nay want to check with trusted member Arizona Premium Mattress as they do a lot of diy and have accounts with spring manufacturers and may be able to get you something you need but not be available on their website.

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Thanks, Norm!

I did send APM an email and he suggested the same springs you did from DIY Mattress — so it looks like those might be my best option right now.

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You could try here.

Hi sleep.enthusiast and welcome to the Matteess Underground :slight_smile:

I agree with @Maverick on the @Arizona_Premium coil unit route; Ken Hightower has a vast amount of experience in customizing coil units for consumers. As you have found, the ideal coil firmness is based both on your body profile, for correct support, as well as personal preference - and it can take a few tries to get the right feel for some sleepers. A welcome back and thanks to @steve0617 as well for providing another possible option for you. Please let us know how your coil layer journey is progressing!

~ Basilio