Looking for a local supplier near Walnut Creek, CA

So glad I stumbled on this site – have just been confused looking at Sleep Train, Mancini’s and the local Macy’s.

I am 5’3" and 130 lbs and a side sleeper. My husband is 5"9" and 170 and a back sleeper who moves a lot in his sleep. We’ve been sleeping an a Costco set over 15 years old, and after four co sleeping babies and a permanent cosleeping mutt, this bed is sagging–badly. My neck hurts especially after two twelve hour back to back shifts and I know I am not sleeping as comfortably as I should.

I do like an innerspring with latex comfort layer with medium to soft support. Any suggestions where I can go locally to source this bed?

Much appreciated!
Nurse Grace

Hi NurseGrace,

There is a list of some of the better outlets in a wide circle around San Francisco post #2 here and a Sacramento list in post #5 here (they have a lot of overlap) that between them should give you the better outlets in your area.

I would also recommend reading the guidelines in this article which will help you avoid some of the worse choices and types of outlets (such as the ones you mentioned).

There are some good choices available to you even though many of them involve a drive. I would look at the online sites first (for those that have them) and then make a few phone calls to the ones that carry the types of mattresses you want to try. There are some good choices for innerspring/latex hybrids on the list.

Baybed and Sleepworks (both of which can be customized to your preference) and any local Diamond outlets would be some of the better values for a latex/innerspring hybrid.

From the sounds of it you could use a few (or many) good nights sleep :slight_smile: