Looking for a mattress not a used car

Hi. My wife and I are looking for a new mattress and are having some difficulty finding a store where we feel comfortable buying from. We live in Reading, PA 19606 which is about 1 hr west of Philadelphia. Any suggestions on places to look would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Spatch137,

You have several good options within reasonable driving distance and all three are listed in post #6 here. While this post talks more about latex, they all make a wide range of different mattresses (except Denver Mattress which doesn’t make memory foam mattresses).

I would definitely start with MagicSleeper which also happens to be the closest to you and talk with John Santos the owner. This would be my reference point for anything else in the area. NOTE ADDED: They are also now a member of the site.

One of the forum members, Aaron, is currently looking at two of these and this thread may also be of interest to you.

A search on magic sleeper will also bring up more comments about them and also a few other options within about 30 miles or so or in the Philadelphia area but the three listed in the linked post are likely to be where you will find your best value.