Looking for a Mattress pad for new memory foam bed

Are there any recommendations out there for a mattress pad? I keep reading that you should still have one with a memory foam mattress to not allow soiling of the mattress through the sheets and to keep it lasting longer. This pretty much grosses me out so I need to find one.

Looking for recommendations of thin mattress pads people have had success with for memory foam mattresses.

Hi sozzeled,

A mattress protector is important with any mattress purchase to protect your mattress against the body oils and fluids that we release each night and keep your sleeping surface in a cleaner and more hygienic condition. It will also protect against accidents and spills and lower the risk of dust mites and other allergens. It will also protect your warranty because even a very small stain on a mattress will void most mattress warranties.

I would tend to avoid a mattress pad which is designed to change the feel of your mattress (see post #10 here) and look for a mattress protector instead which is designed to have the least possible effect on your mattress (unless of course you want to change how your mattress feels).

Post #89 here has more information about the pros and cons of different types of mattress protectors.



If gives me anxiety not using a waterproof one but I really don’t want the chance at sleeping hotter. Tough decisions.