Looking for a mattress similar to Berkeley Ergonomics Redondo at a cheaper price

Hello all,

I recently am looking to purchase a mattress for my new apartment. I by far loved the Berkeley Ergonomics Redondo bed plush that has a slat base and 1” pad latex. However, the price is around 3800 which I cannot afford. Does anyone know of stores or manufactures that can make something similar?

To make it clear, I think I am looking for a mattress that has independently ,flexible nested pocketed steel coils with natural latex foam on top.

TMU Trusted Member Arizona Premium Mattress has a very similar build for a much lower price, it’s called their Ultimate Hybrid. Trusted Member Sleep EZ also offers a Hybrid Latex Mattress which is two sided with different firmness on each side. You can contact them to discuss how similar they’d be to the Berkeley Ergonomics Redondo. Hope that provides you with some options to consider.

Good luck in your quest!

  • Bill

Hi krharb.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile: I agree with Bill’s suggestions - these are two excellent places to start to help you get the bed and feel you’re looking for.

We’re here if you have questions!

Hi kharb! Welcome to The Mattress Underground!
We recently joined as a Trusted Member here, and I wanted to mention that the Naturepedic EOS is similar to the Redondo. 8" layer of individually encased coils, 3" of latex and there are 5 different configurations (firmnesses) to choose from depending on what type of coils and what type of latex you choose. All eco-friendly, natural and organic.
Currently, their mattresses are 15% off, not sure of the end date of the promo, but the 15% off does help with the price point a bit.
Best of luck with your search!

Katie for The Clean Bedroom