Looking for a mattress that is similar to Tempur-Pedic Cloud Breeze

My wife and I are in desperate need for a new mattress and we have been given the go ahead by the in-laws to pick one out (that’s a reasonable price) for our Christmas present. After testing around, I think that we’ve settled on Memory Foam. Being a hot sleeper, I’m weary of the reviews that I’ve read that state that Memory Foam mattresses retain body heat and that sweat can damage the foam. Both my wife and I were really impressed with the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe and Supreme Breeze models that we tested in MattressFirm but we don’t want to pay $3500 dollars or more for a mattress since the gift probably will not cover the whole cost. The “knowledgeable” rep at MattressFirm assured me that the Breeze models eliminated the problem of hot sleeping due to a layer of gel, hence the reason we tried the Breeze versions. After doing a lot of research on this site as well as a few others, I’m finding that there are some other brands that advertise models that they claim are comparable to the Tempur-Cloud line. I’ve found that SelectFoam offers the Cirrus Luxe and Cirrus Supreme models and that Brooklyn Bedding offers their Pure Cool and Cool lines which they claim are comparable to the Tempur-Cloud line. I have seen where both of these manufacturers are recommended by this site but I have seen some negative reviews for them as well. I guess my question is which of these beds (or any other beds from other manufacturers) are most comparable to the Tempur-Cloud and which company is the most recommended. I have also found that there is a local mattress store in the Charleston area (The Charleston Mattress Store) that has been recommended. However, their website does not specify the quality of Memory Foam they use and the specifications that they do provide seem to be a lot lower than the others. I just need a little bit of guidance on the matter. I’ve researched memory foam mattresses ad nauseam and have made myself more confused than before. My wife is to the point that she’s suggesting we just go buy the Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze because it is here in town and will be easy to get and return (and we will be done with it and I can take a break from researching). Any advice that can be given will be much appreciated!

Hi Chucl007,

Post #9 here has more about the different ways that one mattress can “match” another one. Memory foam can be a little tricky and will vary based on temperature, humidity, and other factors so even one tempurpedic may feel different from another if the conditions in the bedroom are different from the showroom or depending on whether the mattress you tested was broken in or new. I would also make sure that you have tested the Tempurpedics objectively and carefully using the testing guidelines in the tutorial post so that you aren’t choosing a mattress based on “showroom feel”. In both cases though most people have said that they are a good approximation but this will also vary to some degree based on individual perceptions. Both of them have great return policies so you can use your own experience to decide how close they are.

The one that is “most recommended” is the one that is the best match for your own personal value equation and this will vary from person to person. Once you have eliminated all the worst options and are choosing between mattresses which have no obvious weak links and there are no clear winners then your final choice would depend on your “best judgement” and on all the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you or the one that you personally feel best about based on your conversations with them. In terms of quality and value neither one would be a mistake.

Most retailers and manufacturers don’t list the quality / density of the materials in their mattresses online so you would need to ask them about this either on the phone or in the store. I certainly wouldn’t consider a mattress where you didn’t know the quality of the materials inside it. You’ve probably seen this but the better options or possibilities I’m aware of in the Charleston area are listed in post #2 here.

I’m happy to help with “how” to choose and to help eliminate the worst options but “what” to choose when you are down to final choices is up to each individual person.


I went to a local discount mattress warehouse today and they had Simmons Comforpedic Loft models on closeout since they are discontinued. They had two models available:

Silver Moon: $900
11 inch Profile
3 inch NxG Memory Foam
1 inch NxG Micro Gel Touch Memory Foam
Air Cool Edge Support
Air Cool Hi-Performance Layer
Air Cool Transflexion Core

Bright Nights: $1200
13 inch Profile
3 inch NxG Memory Foam
1.5 inch NxG Micro Gel Touch Memory Foam
Air Cool Edge Support
Air Cool Hi-Performance Layer
Air Cool Transflexion Core

Both of these mattresses retailed for close to $3,000. Now that they are on clearance, they are cheaper than the online models I’ve been looking at. I haven’t found a lot of information on the specific models but what I’ve read on Comforpedic seems to be hit or miss like most other big mattress brands. Is anyone familiar with the quality of the Comforpedic? My wife and I both really liked the feel of the mattresses after the initial test run. We liked the thicker mattress a little better because it had a plusher feel but it was cold in the warehouse and the sales associate said that in a warmer environment the mattress would soften more.

The warehouse also carried the BedBoss line of memory foam mattresses. Anyone have any information on this brand? They were extremely cheap (compared to other brands) and felt nice in the store. They get pretty good reviews on Amazon as well.

I know that at full retail the Simmons would be a bad buy but the closeout pricing seems pretty good. The prices on the BedBoss actually seem too good to be true (less than $900 for their top of line). I’m not sure what the specifications are on the foam in any of the beds. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s a link to the BedBoss website:


I found some specifications on the Simmons Comforpedic Loft models:

Silver Moon:
Comfort Layers:
1.5" 2 .5 lb NxG Memory Foam 12 IFD AirCool
1" 4.5 lb 11 IFD Micro GelTouch
1.5" NxG 2.5lb 11 IFD AirCool
1/2" 1.5 lb 22 IFD AirCool Hi-Performance Layer
Transflexion Core 6.5" 24 IFD AirCool
Edge Support: AirCool 1.65lb 45 IFD

Bright Nights:
Comfort Layers:
1.5" 3 .5 lb NxG Memory Foam 11 IFD AirCool
1.5" 4.5 lb NxG 11 IFD Micro Gel Touch
1.5" 3.5 lb NxG 11 IFD AirCool
1/2" 1.5lb 22 IFD AirCool Hi-Performance Layer
Transflexion Core 8" 1.65 lb 24 IFD AirCool
Edge Support: AirCool 1.65lb 45 IFD

I know that you don’t usually recommend foam with less than 4lb rating in the Comfort Layers. However, this mattress is half the price of the Brooklyn Bedding and SelectFoam options and is located here in the area.

I still haven’t found specification on the BedBoss.

Hi Chuckl007,

I certainly wouldn’t suggest any mattress that had more than about an inch or so of memory foam under 4 lbs in the comfort layers. The Silver Moon has 3" of 2.5 lb memory foam which is very low quality/density and I would avoid this completely and the Bright Nights is also questionable although it’s a little bit closer to the guidelines I would use. You can compare something like this or like this made by Dreamfoam (a sister company to Brooklyn Bedding) which both use higher quality memory foam in the comfort layers as a quality and value reference which may help you decide if the much higher risk of early foam softening and impressions are worth the price.

I would also be cautious to make sure that they are an authorized dealer and that they have a factory warranty and aren’t returns or comfort exchanges. I would also check the date they were manufactured on the law tag.

I know from conversations I’ve had that most of the Bed Boss distributors will provide you with the foam densities of their mattresses and they typically use higher quality/density materials than the Simmons you are considering.