Looking For a Mattress


I have been reading and reading and reading and still not sure what to think. I see the list of people that are transparent but then see they have bad reviews. If anyone can just point me in the right direction with a solid bed to look at. I really don’t have a preference to material as long as it sleeps well and can hold up for at least 4 year. I have a Serta of some such that is a year old and had a hump in the middle.

Stats to help
Me 5’9 240
Wife 5’6 160
Side/back 80/20 for both of us
Like a supportive mattress. I had a foam that was like a slab slept well but just didn’t feel nice when you got in it.
Price range 0-800 Willing to go 1300 if it means a wonder sleep.

Again just give me some beds that you know are good and that would be great.

Also located in Denton Tx which is close to Dallas and Ft Worth so any local or hand made mattress options would be great. I also feel like the old school double sided flappable mattress where better and last longer than the stuff today.

Hi Mojoesimpson,

The first place I would start your research is the tutorial post here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best choices … and avoid the worst ones.

I’m not sure which list you mean but reviews are among the worst ways to choose a mattress (see post #13 here). Using reviews to choose a mattress would be much like trying to buy healthy food based on reviews about how different types of foods taste to people that know very little about nutrition (if you listened to my own personal taste preference you would eat nothing but ice cream … but it would be good ice cream :)).

There are too many unknowns, variables, and personal preferences for anyone to make a mattress choice for someone else out of all the many thousands of mattresses that are available. I’m happy to help you with “how” to choose but “what” to choose is up to each person and the parts of their personal value equation that are most important to them.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Dallas / Ft Worth area are listed in post #4 here and they include manufacturers who still make some high quality two sided mattresses.



Thank you that is the list I was looking for of people that you recommend. I live in Denton and will surely check out United but I was curious how you stack them up against the Mattress factory. Would you recommend one over the other over all or if I decided to go with Coil would one be better than the other. Thanks for the help.


Hi Mojoesimpson,

While only one of them is a member of the site and provides the additional members discount … I have talked with and think highly of all the independent manufacturers in the area so when you are down to final choices you would be choosing between “good and good”. I would take things on a mattress by mattress basis and choose a mattress that is the best match for your personal value equation.

You are fortunate to have some very good options in the area :slight_smile:


I have not had the chance to get to United yet with all this crappy weather. I did come across one post by a buyer saying that United sold them a mattress that was not made by them and did not disclose that they sold mattress that they did not make. I was wondering if you knew anything about them selling other brads other than their own. Its was just once person and you can never please everyone all the time but thought it would be worth asking


Hi Mojosimpson,

You can see here that United and Holland sells mattresses that they make themselves and also sell some mattresses made by City Mattress Factory. I don’t believe it’s any “secret” since they list them on their website.

It’s not at all uncommon that some smaller manufacturers also sell mattresses made by other manufacturers that they consider to be good quality and value so they don’t have to produce as many mattresses (or burn them in their prototype fire retardant testing) to have a larger and more complete lineup.

Either way … as long as you know the materials inside the mattress you can make good quality and value comparisons.



So I had a chance to go in and do some initial testing of the mattresses. I would have to day first off very nice people down to earth and so far seem to be very honest. They did not even try to push a base on me. She told me as long as its level spaced right that it would be ok to retain the existing one. I don’t remember where I got the base so I am just going with a new system as to keep the integrity of their product. I was no impressed by the Royal Sleep product line after testing theirs so I will not be going with that. Then again I did not price it out so it could be great for what it is. At this point I am not looking to save money just get a great mattress and value. I have narrowed the choices down to 3 and wanted to see if there was any input from anyone. I know the final decision has to be mine but input would still be nice.

Dream Machine 3000 Premium Gel Euro Top 13" Innerspring 863.00 (set)
Dream Machine 8000 Premium Latex Flip 12 1/2 inner spring 1052.00 (set)
Dream Machine 7000 Premium Latex Foam Core 10" 1515.00 (set)

Anything to be cautious about on any of them
Also does anyone have input on where or not they are open to negotiations on price?
Any thing I am not thinking about.
Is Talalay better than dunlope latex (just curios)

Hi Mojoesimpson,

If you can list the layers and components of each mattress from top to bottom (including the thickness of all the layers, the density of any memory foam or polyfoam, and the type and blend of any latex in the mattress) I’d be happy to make some comments about them or help you identify any potential weak links in any of them.