looking for adjustable with very specific feature set

love all the info on this site, have been reading it for the in tire night!

I’m looking for a pretty specific feature set and while the links here and reading tons of websites have gotten me pretty far, i feel like i could used some more experienced eyes on the hunt.
will be used with multi layer latex mattress, long time latex devotee, but will be treating myself to new mattress for this.
here is my wish list:

[li]Split CA King (so two Twin XL bases)[/li]
[li]No Wall hugger feature (i prefer being able to keep the two sides in relation to each other, I’m fine with reaching for the bedside or will probably just have a deeper table to a better fit. really i wish i could find one of those mattress that are split a the head and foot and joined in the hip section, i may hack one together![/li]
[li]Memory buttons, at least a zero g maybe? something i could program would be great[/li]
[li]Secure edge support for latex mattress (my multi layer one can tend to shift on itself and get annoying if the sides are not kept in check) I’m thinking something like Reverie 5D has on the 4 corners maybe? this is something i could certainly hack after the fact[/li]
[li]Slats or other breathable structure for better latex bed health (i know this will be the hardest to get and might have to be the thing that i work around.[/li]

things that would be cool to have but not deal breakers:

  • •Ability to sync the controls, but only if it is something i can maybe turn off and on?
  • •Very high head lift angle or even that extra head tilt some have
  • i•OS app to control bed

massage is of no particular interest to me
don’t really care if the remote is wired or not, rather it just be my phone really

can someone confirm or deny if Reverie beds are wall hugger or not? it is not listed as a feature, but it surprises me with such nice models that it wouldn’t have it, its one of the bed things unfortunately I’m working to avoid!

other posible models without wall hugger/saver: or at least lack of mention on their website

Ergomotion e4
Serta® Motion Essentials Adjustable Foundation
Simmons Renew Powerbase
Leggett & Platt C models
Rize Elevation
Ajusta Flex 2000 ok that name is just so corny)
CUSTOMATIC dreamstar

will work on filtering this list thru the rest of the requirements as time allows, ned to order soon so if anyone knows of a model that i can cross off, please let me know.

Hi SleepOholic,

All of the Reverie adjustable beds have the wall hugger feature with the exception of the Essential Plus (3E) which doesn’t.

You can use the Selector tool here to find the Leggett & Platt adjustables which don’t have a wall hugger.

According to this page the Ergomotion E4 doesn’t have the wall hugger feature either.

The Rize Elevation doesn’t have a wall hugger but the rest of their line does (I’ve confirmed this).

The Boyd is the only one with slats but I don’t know if it has a wall hugger feature. I’ve asked a retailer that sells them and they will email me after they check with Boyd.

I don’t know about the rest of them.


crap i wish that wall hugger feature could be turned off. maybe I’m making too big a deal about it, i don’t know, but it seems like the two sides shifting against and in relationship to each other makes it feel and work way more like tow beds than i feel like i want for my family.

Hi SleepOholic,

FWIW … I think that most people would be happier with a wall hugger feature than without it. With the smaller head elevations that would be more normal during sleep the wall hugger feature doesn’t normally engage or only engages a small amount so there would be little to no side to side difference and with larger elevations that people would use when they were awake (reading or watching TV etc) the wall hugger would keep your heads closer together which feels more natural and “even” than having one person’s head being closer to the wall than the other.

Elevating the foot end of the bed doesn’t engage the wall hugger feature.

On my bed for example (Reverie Deluxe) the wall hugger only shifts the bed by less than an inch at the zero gravity position (and I don’t imagine anyone would elevate the head any higher than this for sleeping) and most of this happens in the upper half of the head elevation. If you raise it from there to the fully elevated position the total amount of shifting towards the wall is about 7".

Just some food for thought.


thanks for that perspective, it is helpful. i will think about wether i can include on my short list, frames with this feature.

mostly i was thinking about mitigating the seem between the two sides and even thinking of sewing the 2 twin XL sheets together in that center hip section that does not other wise move. this would be with the intent on making spooning better. 10 years in and i can happily say we still sleep like that often, though might do a bit less once we have an adjustable beds to address more serious apnea (him) & back issues (me).

We do not have TV in our bedroom and do not plan on changing that, but reading, specially in the mornings is a common pastime.

I’m undergoing up to 3 surgeries in the coming year to repair damage from an accident i was in, and have been told that i will need to sleep in a zero g or upright “recliner like” position for a few weeks afterward. while hopefully this is a short term issue in the life of a bed frame, it is still the trigger for the purchase timing

we have never slept on two beds properly set up next to each other like we will have and are just worried that will separate us too much. i think my past experience of pushing the two very standard twin beds together at some family guest rooms has turned me off and i should naturally expect a much better result from two nice very square edge latex beds on two heavy, non slide around frames.

Hi SleepOholic,

Squared and flush edges will certainly reduce how much you notice the split. There is also more in this topic that may be helpful.


i really want to appreciate you for running such a useful forum board. i have moderated on a number of forums and even put one small one together myself . your style of extensive cross linking to exhausting threads is very supportive of folks doing research. those threads continue to help for many years and i wish more forums would realize what i helpful style of moderation this is. thank you a ton.

(as a interesting side note, your mattress forum handle “Phoenix” is my Radio Handle for a number of communication things i do. so its hard not to keep feeling like I’m talking to myself!

Hi SleepOholic,

Thanks for the kind words … I appreciate them. I have a list of several hundred “reference posts” I often link to and because I wrote so many of the replies here and have read all of them I have an advantage in knowing the search terms that are most likely to bring up previous topics or replies that are relevant. As new information comes to light I often add links or new information to previous reference posts as well to keep them up to date. Some days I feel like a “conductor” where much of my time is spent “directing” people to the information that is relevant to their questions. I am working on a longer term project to extract most of the more common questions that are currently “hidden” in many forum posts and amalgamate or rewrite them and include them in a “research center” in various categories so the information can be found more easily but my time is a limiting factor in this and it will take many months (and possible a year or two) to finish this so in the meantime cross referencing forum posts and an ongoing process of updating the information inside them is the best I can do during the transition.

I have always been attracted to the mythology of the Phoenix (rising from the ashes) and it’s a username I have used for many years in several variations in various forums or online venues even back to the days of bulletin boards. It’s symbolic of the many times I have “reinvented” myself from one cycle of life to another :slight_smile:


Phoenix, you have one of your magic reference links on what type of latex might hold up better in an adjustable bed?
doing a ton of reading here on the dunlap vs talalay craziness and i see why it is not as clear ct as most stores want you to believe.

im a “keep it simple” person and will most likely be buying a FoamOrder.com no frills bed again, i have one from them that is 10 years old and just starting to have issues, but over all i love the straight forward approach of their build to older “slabs o yumminess”. just overwhelmed on the comparison and the variable the adjustable bed and its forces put on things. i like my beds soft fyi and my top layers even softer, but also coming to grips with that i might not be doing my back any favors with this approach.

sorry duplicate post

Hi SleepOholic,

There is more about the different types and blends of latex in post #6 here but to keep it simple … all latex is a durable material relative to other types of foam and if it’s latex of any type then it will be fine on an adjustable bed in terms of flexibility and durability.


ok after some talking we are thinking that being able to use our phones or iPads as the remote will be a bigger saelling point than previously thought. In our house remotes are often messed with or flat out walked off with my our 2 small kids and that is unlikely to change soon, so since we both always have an iOS device handy (and even a older spare that could be a dedicated bed remote) this seems like a very good option.

I’m making a list of models that have iOS apps as an option at least (some you need to buy a connection module) please key me know if you know of others that should be included or errors on this list.

Ergo Motion





  • 8Q
  • 7S
  • 5D

i have been sticking mostly to the frame made and labeled straight from the main company and not rebranded versions, not because they are any less great, but simply it gets over whelming. i figure that feature is probably the same, so if i can narrow it down to 2 or so frame, i will then look at if there is any benefit of going with a rebranded version. i hope I’m not missing something great with this thinking.

Hi SleepOholic,

You can also add the L&P Prodigy to your list (which also has a remote wireless locator).