Looking for any quality local or regional manufacturers in SW Florida

Can you help point us in the direction of any quality local or regional manufacturers in the Fort Myers - Naples area of Florida? I found the site and have been educating myself with the wealth of information available. Once we are smarter about features we want it would be helpful to go to a good company, if any are in this part of the state, to talk with them and try out their products. There are a lot of mattress selling companies but I don’t know if any of the make their own products or are general retailers.

Hi Mitch,

The factory direct manufacturers I know of in the area are in post #2 here.

I haven’t had the chance to see if there are any others in the area in terms of retailers or sleep shops that may also have better quality/value so If I have the chance later tonight or tomorrow I’ll take a quick look to see if there are any other reasonable possibilities.


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll look into both of them and see where it leads us.