Looking for foam mattress brand recommendations

My wife and I are looking into buying a new memory foam mattress. We almost pulled the trigger on the optimum inspiration mattress, but I decided I wanted to do some more research. We live in Gulfport, MS so any recommedations on stores or brands would be really helpful. We are both really concerned about a foam mattress sleeping hot, and she usually sleeps on her stomach while I’m usually on my back or side. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Found this information on the inspiration:

6" Multi-layer Multi-density OptiCore
Plus Base Foam
Top Layer - 2.5" Convoluted Foam 2.2LB
32 ILD
Middle layer - 5/8" Foam 1.5LB 32 ILD
Bottom layer- 3" Convoluted Foam 2.2LB
32 ILD
3" Full perimeter foam edge 68 ILD
Foams are prestressed

If I’ve interpreted the information I’ve found on this site correctly, that is pretty poor quality for the density. My biggest obstacle so far is finding a good quality memory foam mattress that has a cooling layer.

Hi Taylor,

The specs of the base layers and most of the other specs for the Optimum line are in post #48 here along with my thoughts about them.

2.2 lb polyfoam is actually pretty good density/quality (density is the primary factor in quality) and much better than the base layers that are used in the lower models in the line.

Regardless of the base foams though … the entire line has poor value when you consider that the memory foam is only medium density/quality (and the upper layers are usually the weak link of a mattress) and higher priced than many mattresses that use similar or better quality materials.

I would also bear in mind that there are many factors involved in the sleeping temperature of a mattress (see post #16 here) and if you are only looking for a “cooling layer” rather than looking at the combination of factors that contributes to sleeping temperature then you are likely buying more of a “marketing story” rather than real world performance.