Looking for good value mattress in Bemidji, mn 56601

Checking to see if anyone has info on good local or regional mattress makers/sellers in the Bemidji, Mn 56601 area?


I am sure you looked at the member list and didn’t see anything. I understand wanting to try them. I am lucky that I have a few makers here in the Phoenix area. The one thing they all have told me is that they sell a lot more mattresses via phone or internet than in person. They can all help you select something by a phone interview. I know that Sleep EZ, Arizona Premium Mattresses and Flobeds take their time and are no pressure. I have tried the Sleep EZ & APM but not the Flobeds and am comfortable with any of them.

All that said, I am glad I can try them, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. We tried a couple of beds and settled on one and returned it after a month. Look at the return/comfort policies of the companies you contact. Also do a search for the company above and read the comments. I hope someone can come thru for you with a local manufacturer.

Karen and Doug

Hi KerryJ,

There isn’t a forum list near Bemidji, MN so I spent some time this morning looking around the area and making a few phone calls to see what was available but unfortunately there was nothing that I saw in about a 50 mile radius that I would consider. Almost all the stores in your area carry major brands or other lower quality mattresses.

There is a forum list of some of the better possibilities in Grand Rapids, MN in post #2 here but there aren’t many good options there either.

I also took a look around the Grand Forks and Fargo areas and these are the better options or possibilities that would be worth further research IMO along with the brands they carry that I would consider …


Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Regional Manufacturer with a store in Grand Forks that makes a range of innerspring, memory foam, and “mostly latex” mattresses. I would stick to the mattresses that they manufacture themselves which are better quality/value and avoid the mainstream brands they also carry.

http://www.conlins.com/ Grand Forks, ND. Sleep Harmony (memory foam but being discontinued so they are on clearance)

http://www.gfmattressfactory.com/ Grand Forks, ND. Restonic, Spring Air. They are both made in the local licensee factory in Grand Forks


http://www.comfortking.net/ or http://comfortkingmattress.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Fargo, ND and Sioux Falls, SD. They have a very interesting site that is impressive because they have a video showing the manufacturing of every mattress they make. They make a range of innerspring mattresses that use various combinations of comfort layers using high density polyfoam, latex, memory foam, Somnigel buckling column gel, and microcoils on top of several different types of innersprings and would be well worth including in your research.

http://bedsbydesign.net/ Fargo, ND. Sioux Falls, SD. They are another local manufacturer that make a range of mattresses that use various combinations of innersprings (including pocket coils), good quality polyfoam (including high performance polyfoam), and memory foam. They also have some “unusual” names for their materials and imply that they are using “synthetic latex” in their mattresses when the material is actually a high performance polyfoam which is a good quality and durable material and has many of the properties of latex but it’s not latex at all (it doesn’t contain any natural or synthetic rubber) and is less costly then either synthetic, blended, or natural latex. When I talked with the owner he insisted that it was “OK” to call or imply that the polyfoam they use is “synthetic latex” and used an analogy of synthetic oil vs regular oil and spent a great deal of time trying to justify their descriptions (or implications) but of course I completely disagree and I consider their descriptions to be misleading and factually incorrect. You can verify that there is no latex in their mattresses by checking the law tags (which don’t say latex). They do make some good quality and durable mattresses but I would make some careful value comparisons with other mattresses that use similar materials rather than comparing them to other mattresses that really do use latex.

http://www.zimmermansfurniture.com/homepage Fargo, Bismark, Jamestown, Minot, ND. Englander (including nature’s finest line)

http://furnitureforlessfargo.com/contact Moorehead, West Fargo, MN. They said they find out the specifications and foam densities for their Spring Air, Restonic, and King Koil mattresses to the degree that their licensee makes available so if their licensee actually will provide them with all the information you need about their mattresses then you would be able to make an informed choice and meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

http://www.slimshomefurnishings.com/ContactUs.aspx Breckenridge, MN. They carry Restonic and Symbol memory foam and hybrid mattresses but no latex or latex hybrids.

These are the better options or possibilities I know of or could find in the general area. Although most would involve a drive, I believe it would be worth it compared to what is available to you locally. Outside of these it may also be worth considering an online purchase.


Wow. Thanks for your research and a
dvice. I’ll give some of these places a look. Very much appreciated. If all else fails we can take a trip to the twin cities. The weather/roads have just been so awful I’ve been trying to avoid the 4.5 hr drive.
Thanks again,

Try http://lazybrooksleep.com/ in Nisswa. I ive in Minneapolis and drove to them to get my Pure Latex Bliss mattress.

Need opinion on mattress

King size

• 1080 “comfort coil” pocketed 15 1/2 gauge 7 turn coils encased in 3" w 2.7lb hd foam
• 1.5oz non woven cloth
• 2.4" 1353 micro coil “softech”
• 1.5oz non woven cloth
• .25" 1.8lb hd lumbar pad center 1/3
• 1" talalay 24ild latex
• .75" 1.5lb density foam with .75oz cotton/rayon fiberfill & 1.75oz joma wool quilted into natural organic cotton cover
• 10 year non prorated warranty


Hi KerryJ,

Thanks for listing the specs. The materials and components in the mattress are all good quality and there are no obvious “weak links” in the mattress in terms of durability :slight_smile:

It would certainly be well worth considering if it’s a good match for you in terms of PPP.


Thanks for the feedback. I really liked this one but after mattress shopping for a couple weekends, info overload sets in and becomes too much to be objective anymore.

How long have you had your mattress?
Nisswa is only a couple hours away so I"ll have to check it out.
What made you decide on all latex? And is it all natural latex or is it blended.

Need opinion. My husband and I found a mattress that we both really like and seems like it would work for both of us

King size

• 5 zone 800 coil count pocketed coil system (Agro) encased in 3" 1.8lb density foam 70ild
• 1.5" poly convoluted 1.8lb density foam
• inner liner to make zippered pillow top, zipper is brass made by YKK
• 2.5" micro-coil pocketed 1353 coil system made by Platt & Leggett (SoftTech)
• 1.5" poly convoluted 1.8lb density foam
• .5" sleep zone foam inset 6" all the way around (this is to prevent body impressions)
• 1" natural latex foam from LatexCo
• lumbar pad in center 1/3
• 1" gel infused 4lb memory foam
• .75" 1.8lb poly foam with fiberfill quilted to a “minked” cover fabric
• 15 year non prorated warranty
• Lifetime comfort guarantee

Hi KerryJ,

It looks good to me :slight_smile:

All the materials are good quality and there are no obvious weak links in this mattress either so if you have tested it and it’s a good match for you in terms of PPP it would also be well worth considering.

Where are the two mattresses you’ve mentioned being sold?


The first one I asked about was from Beloit Mattress; Beloit, WI. I got the info from Ryan Poppie.

The one I asked about today is from Comfort King, out of Fargo, ND. I’ve been working with Tobi Ricker.

Thanks for the insights.

Hi KerryJ,

Thanks … I thought you might have found a “hidden gem” that was making some good mattresses that I didn’t know about :slight_smile:



Funny. Nope; no hidden gems. Just used the info provided at this website along with your very helpful suggestions. We are going to purchase the Comfort King “Divine” mattress; the only layer we may change is the gel infused memory foam one. I think we’re going to swap it out for another layer of latex. Which they said they would be happy to switch the layer out on the showroom floor mattress and let us try it out (in store) before we made a final decision.

Again, thank you for your help and advice!

Hi KerryJ,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

It sounds to me like you are making a very good choice and their service in letting you try out a custom build before you buy it is also great to see.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve received it and had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.



Just wanted to give an update. I purchased a Comfort King “divine” mattress. We have had it for about 3 weeks now and really like it. It is extremely comfy. The mattresses are built right at their store. They had the mattress built and ready for pick-up when they promised. It took about 10 days. So far, we are very happy with the mattress. It is a little firmer than the display but we new it would be. Can’t comment on longevity but it looks like a very well built mattress with good springs, latex,memory and quilting. This company has a comfort guarantee if you need something adjusted they will come to your home and change it (within a certain number of miles; no labor charge; but pay for materials if upgrading) in our case they would send us the material and we would have to do it ourselves. No biggie…there is a zipper 3/4 of the way around so just unzip and remove/add or change out out what you need to. I don’t think we’ll have any issues with comfort but just in case. The one thing about this mattress that’s a bit challenging is it is 17" + tall so we had to exchange out our footboard (we purchased a new bed also) for the taller version and return most of the bedding I had bought, before we knew exactly what mattress we were going to get. So, I just have to remember we need extra large bedding. Anyway, thanks for all the help.
Happy Sleeping,

Hi Kerry,

Thanks for taking the time to share your update … I appreciate it!

It certainly reinforces that you made a good choice and it’s good to see that you and your mattress are getting along so well :slight_smile: