Looking for Info on Blu Sleep Eliza Mattress

This mattress is discontinued, and I would like to find a mattress with similar performance. I have chronic back pain due to a golf injury, and the Blu Sleep Eliza mattress has been the best mattress to relieve my back pain. When I purchased this mattress in 2015, many manufacturers were not fully disclosing the details of their mattress’ layers. Here is all I have:

Eliza Mattress

6" pure latex support base

2" Vitality natural soy based foam as secondary layer

4" Unique innovative super soft natural latex top layer

Characteristics of our foam are:

  • Blue Adaptive Foam ™ adapts to body and shape

  • non-temperature sensitive

  • water expanded foam

  • breathability. Highly ventilated foam

  • unique technologically advanced foam

  • foamed gel

  • open cell structure

  • Oekotex certified

  • all foam components made in Italy

I am mostly a side-sleeper, 6’ 2", and 210 lbs. I have always been very sensitive to coil pressure points and dislike the sinking feel of memory foam. Thus latex has worked best. Any help on finding a currently available mattress that performs like the Eliza would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Hello GPeaslee,

We have several lines of latex mattresses that may fit the bill. The one most similar to the Eliza would be Obasan, as it is temperature regulating, all latex (no coils) breathable, and GOLS certified. The latex is comfortable and durable. Their latex layers are customizable firmness and each model comes with a topper for extra cushioning.

Thank you for your replay! The Obasan latex mattresses look very nice, but they don’t have the soy foam layer between the top and bottom latex layers. Do you know why the Eliza was designed with this layer, and how would not having it would affect the performance of the mattress?

Hello again, If I understand correctly, soy foam is usually added in order to increase contouring and enhance durability. Since the GOLS-certified latex in an Obasan mattress is already quite durable, it should not affect the performance much, if at all.

Since you can select the firmness of layers and the number of layers, you should be able to choose the best contouring effect for you as well. Latex is also very breathable and comfortable.

Some, but not all, soy foams add other ingredients, so that is why Obasan chooses all latex layers.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: