Looking for latex mattress in the Ottawa-Gatineau area

Hello TMU,
Thank you for creating this website which I find very informative and helpful. I’m in the process of getting a mattress for me and my partner. We had a medium spring coil mattress from costco but eventually returned it because it felt too soft after we spent two weeks on it. The turning point for us was that 1) it gave us this restless feeling sometimes, it’s like our upper part of body was sunk in while the lower part - hips and legs - were raised high uncomfortably. 2) it sometimes got really hot
For reason 1), we now prefer a firm mattress, and for reason 2) we want to avoid memory foam mattress, (although we heard it’s been greatly improved with new technologies nowadays but we don’t know how well it works)

My mother got a latex mattress recently and we were under the impression that she’s very happy with it, so now we are tempted to get a firm one too. Since we’ve never slept on a latex before and I see a review mentioning latex having this push-back feelings, so we would really like to find a place where we can actually lay down on one physically before making the decision, but we haven’t found any store with all latex constructions in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

We also looked at some members’ websites of this forum, but unfortunately lots of them don’t have a return policy. We’d really like to lay down on one in person before throwing $3000 at a mattress with some fancy pictures and texts but also might make us reluctant to go to bed every night.

So I’ll ask the real question, where can I find a place to actually lay down on a latex mattress in the Ottawa-Gatineau area? I’m going to visit Montreal next week so I’m also ok if there’s one available over there.

Some background: 41 Male 5’6 78kg back sleeper, 39 female 5’2 52kg side-sleeper

Hi brianlfmca.

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Sorry to hear your most recent mattress wasn’t cooling or supportive enough. Latex is a very breathable foam that doesn’t ‘collapse’ under your body heat the way memory foam does. Memory foam gets hotter and hotter under your body as you sleep which causes that sinking-in and trapped in the sand feeling. Latex, as you mentioned, tends to ‘buoy’ you up while maintaining cooling.

There is a store in Ottawa called Obasan that offers latex mattresses that may be a good place to test and, for what it’s worth, offers Canadian made beds. They’re not one of our Trusted Members, but they (based on my research) appear to be a good place to get honest information and test the feel of the beds.